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I have been wasting time again, and staying up late.

First it was reading good crossover fanfic at FFN. especially a good Dexter/SPN one and a good Criminal minds/SPN one. That wasn’t really a waste of time.

But then I got on and I never really go to LJ anymore for more than one reason, but this place is like a train wreck and crack to me now. I keep sifting through the posts hoping to see something SPN or Castiel/Misha related.

Trying Paranormal Activity right now at the same time, but its very boring, good  thing I have something else to keep me entertained at the same time.

J took off to do Halloween stuff with his girlfriend.

I’m hoping at least one spooky movie in my Netflix list is good


Sleeping schedule

I went to bed at midnight, and read before bed so I would fall asleep faster. I need to force myself to do that. Whatever happened to the days when I was eager to read in bed each night? Now there are too many other distractions.

Then I woke up at 5am, I wasn’t happy about that, tried to get back to sleep until 8am, I think I slept some, but I’m really tired. It would have been much nicer to sleep until 7am or 8am.

Did my FB games, have to check on them later, might play a little of a find it game or read. Still reaing Fear the Worst.

Supernatural 6.06

My mildly spoilery and brief review of tonight’s episode of Supernatural:

I loved it! It had everything I’d been missing this season as far as what a really good  Supernatural episode has, except that Dean and Sam aren’t right with each other yet, but at least the episode was still about Dean & Sam’s relationship. As in Dean was really concerned that Sam wasn’t Sam, and you could see that finding out the truth meant a lot to Dean, as he was tearing up as he was asking Sam for the truth and hearing Sam’s answer (which was too obviously NOT the truth). Their relationship is one of the most important things about the show, so really glad they are focusing on it.

We got to see Lisa break up with Dean *YES!* God I hope it stays that way. I want the show to be about Sam and Dean, and Dean and Castiel, and Sam and Dean and Bobby, etc. I don’t like Lisa I guess because she has nothing to do with Dean’s way of life. She’s not a hunter and has nothing to do with hunting.

We got to see a good and meaningful Dean & Castiel scene!!! Finally!! I mean, the “profound bond” scene with Dean and Cas was good a couple eps ago, but Sam was in the room. This time it was just Dean and Cas, and Cas wanted to make sure Dean knew he cared about his problem with Sam and wants to help. I hope we get plenty more of Dean & Castiel bonding scenes this season. I miss them.  Anyway, *fans self* YAY!

And then we had Bobby in the episode, that’s always good, and we got to learn some interesting tidbits about him, and the mystery/case was interesting this week, about a Goddess that forces people to tell the truth, so it was fun to watch.

The last scene was kinda painful to watch – but Dean’s suffering & Sam’s not himself.

Next week’s looks awesome and MORE CASTIEL!!! YAY!!

Need to get off the comp!

Okay I spent quite a bit of time writing my Webshots review, that was fun but time consuming. I was sorta watching the Simpsons from Netflix at the same time, but then J’s girlriend called and they are still on the phone….

I’ve started dinner which is Tombstone pizza. I wrote back to some of the nice people who sent me reviews on FFN (I don’t get a lot, so always happy to get one). Now I gotta start the dishes and maybe watch instant Netflix before Medium and Supernatural come on.

Oh yeah, I temporarily changed my blog header to a Halloween one. It is soo easy to use & change headers here at WordPress, I love it!

Comparison of 3 photo websites – 1. Webshots

I’m going to compare 3 different photo sharing websites that I am familiar with, Webshots, Flickr, and Photobucket.

First, Webshots. I’m going to do them first because it was the first photo website I ever knew about. For years I have pretty much ignored webshots, but lately have been checking in on it daily now that I have my own internet connection.

My commentary on Webshots:

Webshots was a big deal to me when I first got the internet back in 2002. So when I think of the first days I ever used or had the internet, I think of webshots. I remember me and several other friends were crazy about going to webshots daily – back then you could get 5 professional photos a day for FREE. I miss those days. I’m thinking it’s even possible for awhile you could get any number of photos for free a day in the very beginning, but I can’t remember clearly.

What’s Good  and Bad about Webshots:

First of all, this is what Webshot’s home page looks like.See those scroll bars on the left and right? It’s easy to scroll through and look at recent daily photos. This includes the professional ones and member photos.

Webshots Home page

If you see a photo you like (and they have other menus to access their archives of pictures, under different types of photos, like pets, travel, previous daily photos) then click the green download button on the bottom and this menu flies up for you –

Webshots premium photo download options

Now I’m not a paid member, so what I see here is that I can’t even download the regular photo for free, it says Premium next to the download regular – which means I can’t even download it as my 1 free photo for the day. THAT SUCKS. I know they have to make their money somehow, but right now I’m not going to spend extra money when I don’t have a job to get all of their photos. Maybe someday. If I ever do go Premium (paid member) I will always download either the high resolution option or the widescreen option. Right now the regular option doesn’t cover all of width of my laptop for wallpaper, and often the photo quality is pretty low.

Here is an example of a picture that does allow you to download it for free:

Webshots free download

See how it says free next to download regular. But like I said, you are limited to 1 free professional photo a day if you are not a paid member. However, the member photos that people have uploaded, you can download as many as you want, which is nice. Some of the members have really nice photos.

Okay why should I care about getting photos from Webshots when they are so restricted?

Because of this handy little Webshots tool you get to download to your computer for free:  


Webshots Desktop Folder


  I’m pretty sure you can have an infinite number of pictures in this folder, on my last computer I had tons of photos stored on it.
 What do you use this folder for?

The main two reasons to have this Webshots Desktop as they call it, is because it makes it really easy to choose a new wallpaper for your computer screen, if you like to change the picture often like I do.  No more going to Control Panel on the comp and then having to sift through all my photos in My Pictures to find a decent wallpaper.

Because not only does this handy Desktop tool save all the wallpapers you saved from Webshots, you can also add ANY photos you have on your computer and put it under the My Computer tab. So now I have several Halloween pics I collected at another website on this Desktop and can get to it easily to change my wallpaper when the mood strikes me. There is also an option to have the title on the photo, not have the title, have a calendar on the photo if you want, and probably more I haven’t discovered yet.

The second main reason to have the Webshots desktop is that you can use all your photos as a screensaver, if you like screensavers. I remember always enjoying watching my computer go to screen saver back in the day just so I could see all the photos.

One option I really like on this Desktop is that you can decide which photos you want in the screensaver, and which ones you don’t by checking them and unchecking them. Let’s say it’s close to Halloween like it is now, and you only want to see the Halloween pictures circulate on the screensaver, you can set that up for yourself.

You can also set up your own custom subfolders and arrange your photos in a way you like.

There is also a tab to see your online webshots photos and your favorite member’s photos, but it is not working for me right now.

Another nice feature is you can send an ecard of any of the photos to friends or family. I just emailed a premium ecard to myself and it didn’t block me. Webshots also sent me an email telling me the ecard was received. You can do this from the Webshots Desktop or from the Webshots website.

Sharing  & Storing your personal photos features:

Each one of my photos at Webshots has has embedded code for me to post somewhere else. For example, one of my pics:

 Olympic mountains 2

I just checked, and you can also get code for any of the member photos. Here’s a member photo for example:

Tiny Orange Suns? POTD Outdoors (9/08/2010)

I used the 200% option, and these photos are still showing up really tiny, so I probably wouldn’t use Webshots to get embedded code on photos when there are better options. I didn’t see any option to get embedded code on the professional photos.

I’m trying to figure out the limits of your storage on Webshots for free – I can’t tell yet if you are limited on number of albums, but it does say I can have 11,100 in my webshots uploaded album (so my very own photos, uploaded to the internet)

I can see some stats like how many views per album for only my TOP 3 listed albums. They insist I upgrade to premium to see stats (how many views) on the rest of the albums. However I can see how many views my albums & photos have combined, and every week Webshots emails me to tell me how many views total I’ve gotten this week. Every week I am suprised to see I get some views. I can also see how many times my photos have been downloaded overall.

Let’s see, what else is there? A Facebook share button for my albums,  I can see the comments I got easily enough, when I go to my account I can see what day exactly I started my webshots account, which I thought was pretty cool.

So, Summary:

So what is Webshots good for? Downloading photos to use specifically for Wallpaper or Screensavers. Storing and sharing your own photos online. Getting embedded code for photos, for your own uploads and member uploads.

What is Webshots not for? If you’re looking to just collect random photos for different kinds of uses other than wallpaper & screensavers, don’t use Webshots. It’s not really designed for that – as in saving the photo straight to your “My pictures” folder, webshots isn’t designed for that.

SOOO, Thanks for reading! This is a work in progress. I’ll be working on the Flickr and Photobucket reviews soon. I might add to this one as well later.

Back from Store


I’m back from the store and I got Boost!

The right kind of chocolate flavor too, normal. If they only had high protein I wasn’t going to get it, wasn’t in the mood for aftertaste today. I even decided not to be a Boost hog and only got 2 even though I could have grabbed more. Left some for other ppl. Chocolate normal is obviously the most popular flavor both at Safeway (where I just went) and Fred Meyer. Seriously they need to have half their stock as chocolate so they don’t run out.

I also got us Owalla blueberry smoothies as they had a sale & a coupon. And Tombstone cheeze pizza and the burritos J wanted.

Checked the mail when I got home, have my CenturyLink bill with internet on it now – UGH the internet part alone was $116! I am going to pay it in person and ask WTH, I thought it was going to be a total of $75ish a month including the phone and internet. This better be a one month thing because of the setup costs.

BTW I won’t actually be saying WTH to them, LOL I just like to type that in my blog as it is more expressive.

Then I was thinking when I got home and got the mail, oh yeah I wrote myself a note on the calendar to pay rent and credit card – which I was supposed to do yesterday, but it’s not too late to do that today. So gotta do that next.

Also I checked my PDF’s on PDF Escape – it’s a website where you can actually SAVE what you type on a PDF but you have to do it at the website. Once you save it to somewhere else like on  your comp, you can’t rewrite it or edit it anymore. Here’s the site link:

I was thinking that my volunteer app and some other apps were going to expire today so I better hurry up and print them at library, but now it looks like they’ve extended the expiration date, and it says they will expire on the new dates only if they are not used (all the PDF’s I have saved there) so cool! Don’t have to rush to the library for that today, but I probably will still go to return some books I’m just not reading.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention I did do some vidding yesterday, for a few hours. That vid is going to take me forever to do.

Safeway just called to remind me about perscriptions, why didn’t they call me right BEFORE I left for the store? Grrrr LOL I guess I’ll have to go back there today or soon.

Slept in again!

happy halloween Pictures, Images and Photos
Argh I don’t like this! I used to be a morning person. I need to reset my schedule, because of those training classes coming in Nov. I stayed up too late last night playing Mario Kart Wii and also trying to write – which didn’t go very far at night, but during the day I was also writing quite a bit and put up a chapter for OSCASL and also PC and put up an old story I started last year, WISWS. I probably spent too much time writing yesterday or should I say attempting to write, I didn’t get a new chapter of THTV up like I wanted to.

Now I’m on photobucket trying to pick out some halloween pictures.

Goals for today:

  1. Do the dishes (I’ve been letting them go)
  2. Work on the volunteer app and print it at library
  3. Maybe write a review for one of my games and put it here. Or write some kind of review article, not just my daily grind.

Up Early for once!

I did it! I went to bed early and got up early, at 7am, but now I’m super tired. My coffee isn’t helping much, I made it too weak. Didn’t make Hazelnut as usual, because a couple of days ago it was leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Might make some this morning though.

Been reading a little of The Etruscan Chimera this morning, but I want to do some fanfic writing this morning since I didn’t let myself last night. Wish I didn’t feel so tired though.

Oh yeah, went to bed reading Fear the Worse. That book is getting really good.

Clam Chowder

I decided I didnt want to go to the store and get pizza. So I’m having Clam Chowder. Fred Meyer sells the best clam chowder. Their store brand is better than Chunky soup (their clam chowder – not so good)

Been reading Fear the Worst – not sure I’m going to have time to write fic today. ANTM is on in 2o minutes, and then Criminal minds, and then I want to try to go to bed early for once.

PS ANTM stands for America’s Next Top Model. It’s on CW.

Whoa! I forgot the title. Fixed!

I don’t think I blogged yesterday –

It was the day of my job interview – I got the job YAY – but it’s only a seasonal job so I still need to look for work. I have to take additional classes for it as well, in November, and I don’t think they are paid. Boo.

I almost took the bus. I was walking to the bus in my high heels, already thinking this is going to be a real pain when only a block out, and then realized that I didn’t have my thumbdrive after all (for my second appt) after switching up what I was going to drag along and not drag along. So I walked back, and I could have got in the car, drove to CTC and left the car there to catch the bus, but thought I really didn’t want to do all that walking in the high heels, would be bad for my back and exhausting, so I sat down and decided to take the car.

Which left me an extra half hour. I bought a couple songs from, “I Remember” by Deadmau5, the song I’m addicted to, and “Pop Life” by Prince, and made myself a new mix CD. It was awesome being able to listen to “I remember” in the car! I need to buy a few more songs eventually and make another CD so I have more new songs to listen to.

The day before yesterday I was listening to Deadmau5 (which I found out is pronounced Deadmouse but I prefer the way it looks) a bunch on the TV – on YT on the Wii internet channel (boy had laptop, other comp has no speakers). The only song of Deadmau5 I really like so far is I Remember. Brazil though, was okay.


 Go here to hear the song on YT:

I was reading more of A Rose for the Crown too then.

Okay back to yesterday. I got the job, then went over to my job counselor’s office which is like a block away, and used the computer there, but their printer was dead, so I wasn’t able to do much. I did fill out some of an application while there.

Then I went home at about 4:30ish and boy wasn’t home. I worked on my vid for a bit, then played some Mario Kart Wii, then decided to try writing fic.

I ended up uploading a new story to FFN, PC. I even got some comments right away and this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. Which made me decide I want to try to write a couple hours a day. I really need to be posting for OSCASL again, and I want to keep the new fic (PC) and THTV up.

I wanted to read today too, did a little of The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory, and Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay.

Might play some Etrian Odyssey III today too. I should be taking that online exam for my season job, not sure I will do it today though.

It’s Wednesday, so I played my FB games this morning. Oh and I slept in late. Again. This needs to stop, I have morning classes for that job in Nov.

I had to turn down a temp job today because it required a car – I told them I’m trying to use my car only sparingly.

So, goals for today –

  1. Write on fic. If not for 2 whole hours, for 1 hour.
  2. Read some more.
  3. Play Etrian Odyssey III