My Daily Grind this Friday

Today I applied for one job – KH for Administrative Assistant. All I had to do was email a cover letter and resume – the easiest kind of applying (although I HATE cover letters).  There was another job I was going to apply for, but it’s past 3pm and I don’t usually do any applying after 3pm (I run out of steam.)

On job search – I recently was trying to apply for this company, P, and I thought their application process was so annoying and time consuming, I decided to put it off until I either had my job counselor’s help or really, really wanted the job. The job is only part time and has a lot of evening hours, so I decided I didn’t want that job badly enough, besides, if I get a part time job, I will have to ride the bus to get to it (won’t be able to afford to fix the car) and so evening shifts would not be good. This P. stuff was happening mostly last week I think? Plus there was another job I started applying for and I barely could understand their questions so bowed out of it. It was a job I would have liked, so I may go see my job counselor, S. next week for help.

I do have a job interview on Tuesday for a temp job I worked for once before. Hopefully that comes through.

This Blog wouldn’t let me use my Peaches pic (the bird pic I use at twitter) as my icon! Said it didn’t pass security or something, probably because it has a face? IDK.

I meditated for 10 minutes today, and when my mind started planning, I told it to shut up, and that all this planning wouldn’t matter when I was dead. That helped a little.

I’m not posting my meditation accomplishments (10 minutes is barely an accomplishment anyway) to brag or anything like that, I’ve read in Buddhism books it’s good to keep your practice private, but personally for me, if I can record what I’ve done each day, I’m more likely to keep it up. I really hope to set some goals and achieve them for once, on this and other things.

Last night as I went to bed I was reading The Etruscan Chimera by Lyn Hamilton. A new cozy mystery (for me, it’s not the first book). It’s an archaeological mystery.

I’m hoping to make time for Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver today. It’s a thriller/mystery.

Tonight on TV I’ll be watching Medium & Supernatural. Really excited to see a new ep of SPN as usual! And glad J. (my son) will be home this time to watch with me. He’s been gone the last couple Fridays and I had to tape them for him.

Am I the last person on earth to still tape shows with a VCR?

I think I’m going to start the dishes and watch an episode of Sanctuary now.


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