My New Blog!!!

I wanted to start a new blog in the hopes I’d get around to recording things I do or want to do. This is my very first post so I am new to this site and learning the basics. If ppl are looking for some literary genius, I wish I was one, but not quite there yet! So I doubt I’ll be posting article type post (not often) as a lot of ppl seem to do here.

I like to read, watch TV shows on Netflix and my basic cable, play Nintendo video games, I want to try and meditate each day (I consider myself a Buddhist), I’m looking for work, and I have too many things I want to do at once so I need to figure out some time management for myself. I might write some of my musings here as well, if something has been on my mind a lot.

When I’m applying for jobs, I will just write the initials of the place I applied for, and the type of position and what they required of me. If I get a job, I won’t say what it is here, as this is a public blog. I mainly want to write that stuff down for me, so I can look back and see what date it was I applied for such-and-such.

I like waaaay too many authors and keep wanting to try more. Lately circling through some thriller and mystery authors, Lisa Gardner, Linwood Barclay, Jeffery Deaver, and Carlene Thompson are some that I’ve been reading. I also want to keep track of books I try and give up on, so far I only write down books I’ve completed in full on my yearly Word doc of Books I’ve Read.

I’m watching several TV shows – House, ANTM, Criminal Minds, Bones, Medium,  Supernatural and The Simpsons on regular TV, and on Netflix (both discs from the mail and instant watch) I’m watching Six Feet Under (S1), Bizarre Foods, Legend of the Seeker (S2), Sanctuary (S1), Ghost Hunters (S5), The Universe (S1), Fear Itself (S1) and other random shows I added to the Instant Q for the Wii.

I love Nintendo games and some FB games as well. Trying to limit how much I play FB games, not there yet. Hoping tomorrow to start a “check my FB games only every third day” rule again. (failed first attempt.) Picked the 3rd day rule because of Millionaire City, the longest setting you can pick for rent is 3 days.

I’m currently playing Mario Kart Wii racing A LOT, I like to play online and race other ppl, I also like to play the Grand Prix and try and unlock new stuff, and I like to do the coin battle in Funky Stadium. I also play Etrian Odyssey III and plan to post stuff I discover about the game on here.

Welcome and thanks for reading!


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