Supernatural 6.05

Brief Supernatural Review – mildly spoilery

SPN was weird tonight – rather dark in my opinion. It’s like SPN used to be warm fuzzies and they’ve squeezed it all out. I liked the beginning of this ep where they were mocking Twilight, that was cool.

Yet, because this was an episode where Dean turns Vampire, I guess it makes sense it was dark. Part of the darkness was Sam – he’s not being his warm fuzzy self anymore. He’s different, and Dean can tell. Especially at the end of the episode he could REALLY tell, as he saw what Sam had done when Dean was being turned into a vampire. It was chilling to see Sam that way, but I am VERY curious as to what is up with him!

I just had this feeling while watching the ep that the old days of Dean and Sam running around, helping families is gone – not even sure if they’ve helped one family yet this season.

That scene with Lisa and Ben? I hope that means Sayonara! Lisa! But I’m not sure. Heck this time I wasn’t cringing so bad either (I like Dean single)

Supernatural tastes different this season – it’s a whole new flavor.

Next week – Castiel! YAY! I wonder if he DOES know what is up with Sam? It kinda looked that way with his face when Dean asked…


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