I think of going for walks often….because I need to lose some weight for one thing. I was lying on the couch last night watching TV and thinking of how fat my stomach is getting, it hangs out like a big bulge every night…

And usually I don’t go because I have so many things I want to do, and I think of how time consuming walking is, and how I want to be able to do sooo many things it’s ridiculous.

But I did go for a short walk today, and got an idea, maybe if I take a camera, I can get a shot for the day, that way I can add it to this blog – once or twice a week, not daily or I’d be spending even more time from walking. If I have something to show from the walk, I might be more willing to go. It’s an idea anyway. I’ll see how this pans out for me.

For today I kinda cheated and went back out briefly and got some pics. This post is showing one of them. The other two can be seen in my photobucket album: http://s187.photobucket.com/albums/x213/lilacwest/Walk%20Photos/

Hopefully this works out for me. See, I’m already planning in my mind what pic I will take on my next walk. Probably I am the only one who will think it’s exciting LOL.

I also thought about what I was enjoying while walking to help me get out there again. I came up with:

  1. Getting fresh air
  2. Seeing cloud formations
  3. Being out in decent (enough) weather
  4. Stretching my legs and getting exercise!

2 responses to “Walks

  1. Beautiful snap Wendy, I love Autumn colours! I always try and take my camera when I go walking. It gives me something fun to focus on. Otherwise it can seem like a choir – getting from A to B and back again is broing, but if you really enjoy the enviroment, and take the time to capture it, its enjoyable, and you have a great reminder/incentive to do it again.

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