Cleaning – a shiny toilet is born

Buddha art

Well, I managed to make myself get some cleaning done. I was lying on the couch watching Sanctuary 1.03 (Which wasn’t as good as I hoped) and was thinking about how I could lay around and watch more TV, or I could get up and clean like I planned.

I was thinking, can cleaning be fun? Not really. But can I see the value in it? Yes. Can I get a new attitude about it? Yes. I was telling myself, these shows I want to watch and books I want to read are not so ever-important that I can’t stop and clean. And I was telling myself the place will look nice (and shiny) if I clean.

Basically, I just made myself get up and do it, and I didn’t suffer as much from it as I could have. I’m really addicted to my “fun” stuff, so I tried to just “be in the moment” as they put it, and put some elbow grease into it – and thought of how I am also doing something for others, sort of. My son will have a slightly cleaner home. (Yes he does pitch in when I ask). If we have company it will be nicer for them to be in.

I also thought of what one of the Buddhist nuns told me, that while cleaning I can think of how I am cleaning I am also cleaning my mind I can pretend I am also cleaning my mind. Well, something like that. I can’t remember exactly what she said.

BTW for Buddhist cleaning your mind has nothing to do with getting rid of pervy thoughts LOL. At least not for me. It’s more to do with being a better person……examining your mind and seeing how you can improve yourself is a brief explanation of what I am talking about.

I think I’m going to make brownies – and then now I’m thinking of the time the nuns (Venerables) were saying that they had some brownies and were quite attached to those brownies (I think) well….hmm now I’m wondering, can I enjoy the brownies if I’m NOT attached to them? I should ask them that, next time I see them.


3 responses to “Cleaning – a shiny toilet is born

  1. Snap I cleaned today too, but my nal retention might show if I confess to scrubbing the bathroom/toilet everyday, right? lol

  2. LOL what is nal retention? Do you really scrub the bathroom and toilet everyday? Can you move in with me please? LOL

  3. lol I meant anal *worlds worst typer*
    I only do it because my sis’s are terminally messy and wear fake tan (yuck) so I have to remove their ‘rings’ (double yuck) because I might kill them if I had to wait for them to do it

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