Saturday, I love Saturday


Here it is 11:30am and I finally finished wrapping up my FB games, now trying to accept some of the gifts while I write this.

I’m going to try AGAIN to only play FB games on certain days. So now I’ve played on a Saturday, my “day off” from looking for work anyway, and I was going to play every third day, but realized that Tuesday is the day of my job interview, so I don’t want to be bogged down from FB games that morning. So now my plan is to play on Saturdays and Wednesdays, with the exception of checking Castle age and Rescue party daily at about 1pm or so – CA so I don’t miss out on Monster rewards, and can contribute to fights, and RP so I can get the rare resources I can only get by logging in every day. If I make myself wait till afternoon on my off days, I will have time in the morning for other things like job search and reading.

FB games I am playing now:

  1. Castle Age
  2. Rescue Party
  3. Millionaire City
  4. My Mad Millions
  5. Tellywood
  6. Chocolatier
  7. Chronicles of Blood

Wow, looking at that list, that’s waaay too many games as it is! And recently I gave up City of Wonder, and Warstorm. I didn’t play Chronicles of Blood yet today, maybe later.

Also I will check in on my home page in the afternoon daily on FB if I can, so I can see what my friends are up to.


Last night I went to bed at about 11:30pm I think and read some of Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver, and tried the beginning of Dolled up for Murder by Deb Baker, and Sweet Poison by Ellen Hart.

I think I liked the beginning of the doll one better, but the character owning a restaurant in Minneapolis is intriguing to me too, IDK maybe because it’s midwest, big city?

I just have WAAAY too many  books I wanna try and read. Not sure how to cut down, it’s like I can’t stop picking out stuff I wanna try. And ya it takes me awhile to read one book when I spread myself so thin.

Oh yeah I finally figured out how to use my Peaches pic as an icon on here, YAY!

My goals for today?

  1. Read some library books
  2. Get some cleaning done
  3. Maybe go for walk if it isn’t raining (looks ready to start right now)
  4. Watch an episode of Sanctuary
  5. Watch an episode of Legend of the Seeker
  6. Write an entry in here about the WBC protest (maybe) or some other entry
  7. Check into FB later and finish accepting those CA gifts!
  8. Get the hell off the comp now and do some other things!

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