Daily stuff

Made Mexican rice tonight for dinner. I was starving, so scarfing it down. J. woke up in time from his nap for a hot dinner : )

I started applying for SLT today, will finish tomorrow. Need to ask job counselor some questions about it.

I got all the dishes done today, well until we ate dinner. But that’s an accomplishment, I usually leaves some pot or big bowl for later.

Can’t decide on whether to take the bus or drive..if I take the bus I either need to show up super early or at the last minute. Well I rechecked the schedule, I would actually be arriving a little earlier than I thought. So I can take the last minute bus if I want. Now I just have to face walking a bunch with heels….yuck. Or finding a interview worthy outfit where I can wear my flats instead.

I read a small amount of A Rose for a Crown today while waiting for the other computer to boot up. So not much reading at all today. Not even sure I read any of Roadside Crosses this morning. Just turned off the Netflix (Universe series) so I can get a little bit of reading in before House comes on.

I thought of a goal I wanted to mention here, but can’t remember it!


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