Sleeping in late is NOT my cup of tea

Oh God I’m tired.  Never again am I doing what I did last night!

I was writing a chapter of my fic, and I’m disappointed I could even finish it and post it (THTV). I was thinking I really needed a break and should just read a book or something.

Next thing I know I have an idea for a vid and I became OBSESSED! It’s using that song “I remember” I learned is by Deadmau5. I kept trying to make special effects for the vid which is really hard to do with WMM. I didn’t go to bed till like 2:30ish am when I felt I had made at least some progress. UGH NEVER AGAIN! I stayed up too late, wasted too much time, and didn’t come up with enuf to show for it. I could have read a book and even gotten back to my fic or something and gone to bed at a decent hour. I HAVE to go to bed early tonight, my job interview is tomorrow.

I still haven’t decided if I am going to take the bus or my car to this interview.

I could take the bus. The place I have to go to is pretty close to a bus stop. But I hate wearing nice clothes and dress shoes if I have to walk anywhere, and I’d be walking a few blocks both at home and in Spokane.  I’d be saving wear and tear on my car, and when we went to that WBC protests, the car was making vibration sounds worse than usual. Don’t want the car to break down on the freeway or in Spokane.

But then if I take the car, I can try to make it my last trip, and put the antifreeze and stopleak stuff my friend told me to buy and put it in right before I leave. Right now that idea is more apealing to me so the stop leak is in before it gets cold. I just hope the car doesnt’ break down.

So anyway, I slept in till 12:30pm or so? UGH. I need to get my day started. I have been dinkering around on internet, filling out a survey yadayada.


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