Whoa! I forgot the title. Fixed!

I don’t think I blogged yesterday –

It was the day of my job interview – I got the job YAY – but it’s only a seasonal job so I still need to look for work. I have to take additional classes for it as well, in November, and I don’t think they are paid. Boo.

I almost took the bus. I was walking to the bus in my high heels, already thinking this is going to be a real pain when only a block out, and then realized that I didn’t have my thumbdrive after all (for my second appt) after switching up what I was going to drag along and not drag along. So I walked back, and I could have got in the car, drove to CTC and left the car there to catch the bus, but thought I really didn’t want to do all that walking in the high heels, would be bad for my back and exhausting, so I sat down and decided to take the car.

Which left me an extra half hour. I bought a couple songs from amazon.com, “I Remember” by Deadmau5, the song I’m addicted to, and “Pop Life” by Prince, and made myself a new mix CD. It was awesome being able to listen to “I remember” in the car! I need to buy a few more songs eventually and make another CD so I have more new songs to listen to.

The day before yesterday I was listening to Deadmau5 (which I found out is pronounced Deadmouse but I prefer the way it looks) a bunch on the TV – on YT on the Wii internet channel (boy had laptop, other comp has no speakers). The only song of Deadmau5 I really like so far is I Remember. Brazil though, was okay.


 Go here to hear the song on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBathERR6l0

I was reading more of A Rose for the Crown too then.

Okay back to yesterday. I got the job, then went over to my job counselor’s office which is like a block away, and used the computer there, but their printer was dead, so I wasn’t able to do much. I did fill out some of an application while there.

Then I went home at about 4:30ish and boy wasn’t home. I worked on my vid for a bit, then played some Mario Kart Wii, then decided to try writing fic.

I ended up uploading a new story to FFN, PC. I even got some comments right away and this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. Which made me decide I want to try to write a couple hours a day. I really need to be posting for OSCASL again, and I want to keep the new fic (PC) and THTV up.

I wanted to read today too, did a little of The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory, and Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay.

Might play some Etrian Odyssey III today too. I should be taking that online exam for my season job, not sure I will do it today though.

It’s Wednesday, so I played my FB games this morning. Oh and I slept in late. Again. This needs to stop, I have morning classes for that job in Nov.

I had to turn down a temp job today because it required a car – I told them I’m trying to use my car only sparingly.

So, goals for today –

  1. Write on fic. If not for 2 whole hours, for 1 hour.
  2. Read some more.
  3. Play Etrian Odyssey III

4 responses to “Whoa! I forgot the title. Fixed!

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for sending me the link to your blog! I love the fall photo above–where is that from? Triple “yay!!!!!!” about getting the job–I knew you’d do it. I can’t really picture you wearing heels…..LOL! How did your car do on that trip? I’m also really glad to see that you’re still writing fiction. Remember recommending “The Hunt for Atlantis?” I just finished reading it yesterday. I have Andy McDermott’s last two books–got them in trade at the BE–but I’m missing 2 and 3, so will have to find them first as it’s a series with the same characters. Now I’m reading Michael Crichton’s last book, “Pirate Latitudes” and Gregg Braden’s “Fractal Time.” 🙂

  2. Hi! Glad to see you here! That photo, I think is something I found on flickr. I have it on photobucket now too, a bigger version. Thanks, I’m glad about the job, really needed it, but a little nervous too, can tell you more later. My car did fine. I REALLY don’t like wearing heels, not when I have to walk!

    Did you like Hunt for Atlantis? I might have to check into Pirate Latitudes sounds interesting. Thanks for checking my blog!

  3. This is a really good way to know a bit more about what’s going on with you on a day- by-day basis. I can see why blogs make sense–you only have to write it once and any or everybody can read it.

    I liked Hunt for Atlantis OK. It probably wasn’t as good as some, but I liked the plot and characters quite a bit. What I don’t like is the non-stop violence! The main characters come so close to dying so many times throughout the book, and if you multiply that by several books, they have to have way more than the 9 + lives that cats may have. That can get pretty unreal, but I guess that’s “action/adventure” for you. Last night I quit reading “Pirate Latitudes” for just that reason. I wasn’t into the violent stuff yet, but I could tell it was coming up soon. He does have a lot of very neat factual stuff in there that he found through researching, I guess. I definitely like the historical tidbits. I just can’t non-stop read those kind of books anymore–I really end up needing a break from them. I switched to reading my FB friend, Alii’s, 3rd Children of Atarii book instead.

  4. Hi Mom, exactly right! I wanted a way for everyone to know what I’m up to and even comment if they want , plus a way for me to keep track of things and list goals. I’m having fun with this blog, even though it doesn’t have many readers yet. It is easier to say “see my blog” – I still write some friends short emails, but for more details they can “see my blog”. Then I’m not repeating myself.

    That’s too bad about all that violence. I noticed that book was getting too much action for me so I dropped it. I tend to like a nice balance of action and interesting research stuff, the neat factual stuff you are talking about.

    Violence is getting to me too sometimes, I might blog about it sometime soon. I’ve thought about it already. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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