Back from Store


I’m back from the store and I got Boost!

The right kind of chocolate flavor too, normal. If they only had high protein I wasn’t going to get it, wasn’t in the mood for aftertaste today. I even decided not to be a Boost hog and only got 2 even though I could have grabbed more. Left some for other ppl. Chocolate normal is obviously the most popular flavor both at Safeway (where I just went) and Fred Meyer. Seriously they need to have half their stock as chocolate so they don’t run out.

I also got us Owalla blueberry smoothies as they had a sale & a coupon. And Tombstone cheeze pizza and the burritos J wanted.

Checked the mail when I got home, have my CenturyLink bill with internet on it now – UGH the internet part alone was $116! I am going to pay it in person and ask WTH, I thought it was going to be a total of $75ish a month including the phone and internet. This better be a one month thing because of the setup costs.

BTW I won’t actually be saying WTH to them, LOL I just like to type that in my blog as it is more expressive.

Then I was thinking when I got home and got the mail, oh yeah I wrote myself a note on the calendar to pay rent and credit card – which I was supposed to do yesterday, but it’s not too late to do that today. So gotta do that next.

Also I checked my PDF’s on PDF Escape – it’s a website where you can actually SAVE what you type on a PDF but you have to do it at the website. Once you save it to somewhere else like on  your comp, you can’t rewrite it or edit it anymore. Here’s the site link:

I was thinking that my volunteer app and some other apps were going to expire today so I better hurry up and print them at library, but now it looks like they’ve extended the expiration date, and it says they will expire on the new dates only if they are not used (all the PDF’s I have saved there) so cool! Don’t have to rush to the library for that today, but I probably will still go to return some books I’m just not reading.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention I did do some vidding yesterday, for a few hours. That vid is going to take me forever to do.

Safeway just called to remind me about perscriptions, why didn’t they call me right BEFORE I left for the store? Grrrr LOL I guess I’ll have to go back there today or soon.


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