Supernatural 6.06

My mildly spoilery and brief review of tonight’s episode of Supernatural:

I loved it! It had everything I’d been missing this season as far as what a really good  Supernatural episode has, except that Dean and Sam aren’t right with each other yet, but at least the episode was still about Dean & Sam’s relationship. As in Dean was really concerned that Sam wasn’t Sam, and you could see that finding out the truth meant a lot to Dean, as he was tearing up as he was asking Sam for the truth and hearing Sam’s answer (which was too obviously NOT the truth). Their relationship is one of the most important things about the show, so really glad they are focusing on it.

We got to see Lisa break up with Dean *YES!* God I hope it stays that way. I want the show to be about Sam and Dean, and Dean and Castiel, and Sam and Dean and Bobby, etc. I don’t like Lisa I guess because she has nothing to do with Dean’s way of life. She’s not a hunter and has nothing to do with hunting.

We got to see a good and meaningful Dean & Castiel scene!!! Finally!! I mean, the “profound bond” scene with Dean and Cas was good a couple eps ago, but Sam was in the room. This time it was just Dean and Cas, and Cas wanted to make sure Dean knew he cared about his problem with Sam and wants to help. I hope we get plenty more of Dean & Castiel bonding scenes this season. I miss them.  Anyway, *fans self* YAY!

And then we had Bobby in the episode, that’s always good, and we got to learn some interesting tidbits about him, and the mystery/case was interesting this week, about a Goddess that forces people to tell the truth, so it was fun to watch.

The last scene was kinda painful to watch – but Dean’s suffering & Sam’s not himself.

Next week’s looks awesome and MORE CASTIEL!!! YAY!!


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