I have been wasting time again, and staying up late.

First it was reading good crossover fanfic at FFN. especially a good Dexter/SPN one and a good Criminal minds/SPN one. That wasn’t really a waste of time.

But then I got on and I never really go to LJ anymore for more than one reason, but this place is like a train wreck and crack to me now. I keep sifting through the posts hoping to see something SPN or Castiel/Misha related.

Trying Paranormal Activity right now at the same time, but its very boring, good  thing I have something else to keep me entertained at the same time.

J took off to do Halloween stuff with his girlfriend.

I’m hoping at least one spooky movie in my Netflix list is good


4 responses to “Secrets

  1. did you like Paranormal Activity/ I sort of liked it, twas scary in parts, but the 2nd one was way better/scarier!

    • I thought it was way too boring – but then I was on the laptop at the same time, so missed a lot of what was going on. That’s good that the 2nd one was better and scarier. I thought I would at least see one scary thing but I didn’t.

  2. omg, what about the attic, or the three toed foot prints in the flour, or the dragging from the room?

  3. Obviously I wasn’t watching it close enough. I might try it again.

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