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Not only did I find a recipe for Osaka sauce, I found the recipe FROM THE MUSTARD SEED!!!

I need to print this out sometime soon! I’m hungry just thinking about it!

Oh and I forgot to mention the main reason I cleaned out the storage shed – I couldn’t reach my Christmas decorations box at all so decided to rearrange. I pulled out my little tree, put up some other decor so now we look somewhat Christmasy, but nothing like Dr. Phils wife, LOL

Plus now that I cleaned the shed, I was able to put the two summer fans away. Gives us more floor room.

I’ve been cooking more lately, trying to use food that we have in the cupboard and also more fresh veggies. Don’t know if I will cook anything special tonight.


Time to update this blog!

Summary of my life at this moment:

First, it’s super-snowy-winterland out there. It’s been snowing all day but now the snow is coming down harder and w/ bigger flakes. All the evergreen branches are thicky covered with snow.

Yesterday was my first day at real work, as in not just training. I had to be out to training in Spokane at 9am, so caught the 7:45am bus. Then most of the training was on the comps. It was about the new updated version of our software at work. There are a few changes we will have to get used to.

My boss was there this time and she said she’d help me with my goals on Wed, few. I didn’t know what to put (have to turn them in on Wed)

Then I went to the mall and ate at the Mustard Seed. I was considering having the Osaka Halibut, but that was waay to expensive, like twice the price of everything else. So I ordered the Tofu Osaka, which is really good but incredibly rich. I need to see if there is a recipe for the sauce online or something, then I could make my own. I also ordered green tea, and was able to take the remainder with me in a disposable cup.

Then I wandered around the mall and looked at a few stores. I circled both the top and bottom floor once. I wanted to walk more, and would have, but my bag I was carrying along was too heavy. So I decided to get on the bus and relax to kill time. I got on the Division bus and saw the route north of Northtown.

I was trying to ask the driver if the bus looped around and headed back down Division the other way. He suddenly got a call from the station, and the bus was already crowded, so I decided to just rush over to a seat so I wouldn’t have to stand. Then as he’s going down the road, he’s letting ppl off but not letting ppl get on, which was weirding me out! I was worried the bus was quitting the route way up north. Well, it was only because he was behind (he was, I was standing in the cold waiting for him too long) and he had to cut some of his route off.

We passed Steph’s old street, too bad she’s not there anymore.

So heading back down Division, I was trying to decide do I kill more time by riding to the plaza then back up again to work? I decided to get off the bus at work and be there an hour early, good thing I did because I was able to start work early.

I had been pretty nervous about it, but it wasn’t so bad. Although once I got home I almost felt panicky – this happens a lot for me after working. I’m so dreadfully afraid of making mistakes or facing something at work I can’t handle.

I guess my perspective on this is, I’d rather be panicky at home over nothing, and have smooth sailing at work, then have smooth sailing at home and then a bad day at work!

So, the time passed by at work rather quickly because I was busy the whole time. And if you count the training in the morning and the work in the evening, I worked 7 hours, which is pretty good time 🙂

Today, a day off. So glad cos yesterday was so long, and cos of the snow. But tomorrow is another long day. My break will be shorter though. So I’m trying to decide what to do. Will probably at least go to Taco Time because veggie burritos are on sale on Wed.

I’ve been reading. Still reading Vigil which is really good. I’m enthralled with a new character, but can’t say why in case someone wants to read it. Read some of Roadside Crosses today. That one is getting better. It went from sorta going nowhere to they were wrong about who the killer is, using some profiling to figure that out, and now not knowing who it is. And it has this fake game in it a morpeg or whatever, which I think is a generic made up for WOW. The game details have been interesting.

I’ve been playing FB games again more than I should. Like not sticking to the Wed & Sat thing for one. I need to get back to that or at least Tues & Sat.

Games I’m playing now:

  1. Millionaire City
  2. Vegas City
  3. Hollywood City
  4. Animal Party
  5. Sushi Wars
  6. Castle Age
  7. Lucky Train
  8. Chocolatier
  9. Starfleet Commander
  10. Monster Galaxy

That’s what I can think of right now. I really need to cut some out. Decided Hollywood city is out for sure. Some games will only be on Tues & Sat.

Kind of addicted to this new game, Monster Galaxy. It’s just like Pokemon. Some of the creatures are really cute. I’ve got 5 or six of them right now. They are based on zodiac signs. The graphics and backgrounds are pretty. There’s lots of slots for collecting, so this game will keep my busy for awhile.

Oh yeah, I did a bunch of cleaning on Sunday, including going thru the storage shed and rearanging and pulling out the goodwill stuff. Cleaned the living room too and did most of the dishes.

I decided I’m not going to put more books on hold at the library until I get some of the ones I have out read, plus some at home. Some I probably just won’t finish, like Servant of Bones and The Gold Falcon, because I barely understand what’s going on in those. I wish I was liking the Gold Falcon, because I want to read a good fantasy.

Also decided after I buy another plot in Millionaire city, I’m going to revamp a lot of the property, so there is less to click. As in put down more valuable properties where the cheap ones are.

I hope to get more reading done today

Uh, when did I last update this?

Um wow someone is checking my blog daily even though I haven’t posted here. 1 person anyway. And where did all the font & coloring stuff go it took a vaca or something, no options to pick. Weird.

It’s snowing a lot. Tomorrow I really need to get ready for Monday, which will be a REALLY long day. A training shift in Spokane in the morning, then hours to kill, then work till 8:30pm and catching the bus home. I’m prob going to walk around Northtown Mall on the long break. Get some exercise.

I should get off the comp. I’ve been goofing off on FB for hours, playing games here and there.


I have so many books I wanna read it’s ridiculous!

Some of them are ‘just okay’ but I’m half-way through them or more so thinking I should finish them so I can write them on my list. Which is making me wonder for next year (which is coming up real soon) maybe I should ONLY read the ones that are keeping my interest the whole time? IDK. My list would end up a lot shorter.

I picked up this book called Vigil by Robert Masello at the library yesterday (along with several other books) and it is REALLY GOOD!! About a very mysterious fossil found in Italy and some ancient parchement in Isreal or something – and I want to read it but also trying to finish some that are due a lot sooner.

Books I am reading right now that include books I own (two of them anyway)

  1. Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver
  2. The Etruscan Chimera by Lyn Hamilton
  3. Sweet Poison by Ellen Hart
  4. The Gold Falcon by Katherine Kerr
  5. The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory
  6. A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene
  7. Blasphemy by Douglas Preston
  8. Brain by Robin Cook
  9. Vigil by Robert Masello
  10. Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice

That’s what I can think of right now.

It’s really cold today. The wind was blowing horriblly last night. I can see snow blowing around outside.  I should be balancing my checkbook and filling out a foodstamps review app but I might play some of my new game first and read some more. Johnathan bought me Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. 🙂 it’s an early Christmas present. Bought with his blood money. (Plasma) What a sweetie.

Hello Winter

Snow Pictures, Images and Photos
Well it snowed a little bit today. Kinda nice. I almost wish it hadn’t stopped, but then I don’t want too much snow.

Yesterday I didn’t get anything done like I thought I might. Just didn’t feel like cleaning. I can’t remember everything leisurely that I did do, but I know I read some of a library book (also went to the library to pick up books), watched Cake Boss, watched some of Legend of the Seeker, read some fics including Supernatural, Psycho, and House, looked up F!S, and played just a little bit of Mario Kart Wii.

Today I’m getting a lot more done. First I wanna mention – family, I know you’re not sending Xmas gifts anyway, but if someone wins the lotto, there is stuff on my amazon wish list I don’t actually want. Any of the artsy stuff – don’t really want it. I just add something each week to enter in the contest amazon is having. Anything that I added from amazon itself, yeah I want it. Now go win the lotto, lol.

Okay, it’s Sunday, and I had the energy to clean. Cleaned up the coffee table, did two loads of laundry and put most of it away, been working on the dishes, want to vacuum sometime today and watch Dexter. I’m playing the free trial of Bigfoot over on the desktop because I only got one free trial on the laptop.

It’s snowing again! Oh yeah and I red some of The Favored Child this morning by Phillipa Gregory. Might read a little more of it or another book today.

Listing what I’ve been up to

Been busy past few days. Today I have a day “off” but I have to do some work related stuff. Like some online trainings for one. So here is a quick list of what I’ve been up to yesterday and today. And then a list of what’s coming.


  1. I worked on a new one-shot fic
  2. Wrote to a beta for it, she said she would read it. It’s not done yet.
  3. Caught the bus to Spokane Valley for 1st day of PAID training
  4. Wrote some of my fic (and another fic) on a notepad part of the way there
  5. Yes found out it is PAID training. Halaluya I can’t spell it.
  6. Found out I have work scheduled for 2 days in Nov and several days in Dec, YAY!
  7. Spent 3 hours almost in training
  8. Walked to the restaraunt across the street to buy a Pepsi so I would have something to drink. That was expensive, $2.16 for just a medium. Oh well. I didn’t get the Taco Time like I thought I was (that would have costed exactly $2.16 as well) because I packed a PBJ sandwich.
  9. LONG bus ride home, almost 2 hours
  10. Bought myself gum at the Plaza between busses because I was dying to clean off my teeth a little, from all the Pepsi + candy they handed out in training
  11. Tried to write when I got home. Was trying for too long. Got some of it done but I need to learn when to quit when I’m not going anywhere
  12. Watched ANTM and Criminal Minds
  13. Tried to write again.
  14. Gave up and watched some of Carnivale. Okay, this show is WEIRD. I’m not even sure what the plot is, and the show overall creeps me out. Especially the bearded lady. I don’t know if I can handle a show that will constantly have a bearded lady. The little midget guy is really cute though. I will watch the next ep (only 2 eps on 1st disc) and see if the show is going anywhere.


  1. Slept in a little. Was dreaming that we had a video game that you could walk around in, and we suddenly found levels that we didn’t know existed. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. Knocked on J’s door cos I was surprised he wasn’t off to school yet. Guess he had a later start today
  3. Somehow wasted some time looking at reviews on amazon for a book I hate, gave helpful votes to the reviews I agreed with (book is CWG not listing actual title here) Don’t even know what got me over there in the first place other than some convo with J
  4. Called main office for work, told them I had a schedule conflict with working till 9pm in Spokane office because of bus schedule. Really hope that gets changed to at least 8:30pm so I don’t stand out on a busy Spokane street in the dark in the winter for almost AN HOUR. If it gets changed bus waiting time will be only 10-15 minutes there, and only 10 minutes at Plaza.
  5. I need to finish these goals for work that are due tomorrow – waiting to hear from boss on advice. Also waiting for boss to call about scheduling in January (supposed to fill out my times available online. I’m available anytime, I just don’t want to be working 6-7 days a week.)
  6. I need to get working on this online training, but it’s long, so I’m thinking of finishing Carnivale first, or at least trying to, so I can mail it back to Netflix
  7. I might wait till I hear from the boss to start these trainings, I want to make sure I’m doing the right one(s).
  8. Having Pepsi right now cos there’s nothing I want to eat. I really need to find something.


It’s going to be sorta a long day. Gotta catch a really early bus, be there at 9am, and after training, stay around for practice and even possible work. Must wear nice clothes in case I do end up working. Wondering if I should bring a lunch or walk somewhere for lunch.

What happened to the days when…

Yakima 1

  1. I weighed 105 lbs! Look at those skinny arms! I weighed in at 173 at the doctor a week ago!! OMG when I was 105 lbs I wanted to gain some weight, but 173 is a bit much. What happened to 135? 145?
  2.   I would read every morning and before I go to bed? Now it’s internet, internet internet! What am I doing now? Internet!
  3. I would write people actual letters to put in the mail? I used to do it all the time, now just about never – although I wrote three tonight and it felt so good to be doing something with my hands!
  4. I would draw – and not do too badly? Now if I try to draw it looks terrible, what happened? And the main problem is I don’t want to make TIME for it to get back into practice.
  5. I would go on hikes on a fairly regular basis? (I can partially blame my car on this one, but most of the blame has to be on me)
  6. I had several pet birds? I really miss them…I can’t afford to live in an apartment now that lets  you have pets. I would love to have a couple lovebirds again.
  7. I went on drives in the country regularily? Now I can’t be bothered with the time, the gas money and the wear and tear on my car.
  8. I had a steady job (which add up to 10 years?) Yeah that’s a good one LOL. I miss those days now.
  9. I didn’t pay for cable because TV shows weren’t worth the expense to me? And I had a job then – now I only have temp jobs, and insist on paying for basic cable anyway because I can’t live without my shows…ergh
  10. I would drink plain tea in the morning, now I drink  flavored instant coffee which is more expensive and more fattening.
  11. I wouldn’t buy pop – except maybe Reed’s ginger ale. The whole time my son was growing up, because I didn’t want him raised on the stuff. Then I went back to college, hit my senior year there, and ever since, I am a pop-aholic, especially for Pepsi.
  12. I would do jigsaw puzzles on a regular basis – hey this was only last year, what happened?
  13. I would get up at 6am in the morning happily? Now it’s an effort sometimes to get up at 8am. I’d like to get up at 7am regularily at least. 6am now is way too much of a stretch.
  14. There was a decent Star Trek series on TV every week? Seriously, this is something that needs to come back. And yeah, I’d go to a friend’s house when I didnt’ have cable. I loved TNG, DS9 & Voyager.

Well anyway it’s almost midnight, time to get to bed, I just was thinking of writing these down. BTW, even though I miss some stuff, I’m actually happier now than I have been in most of my adult life.

Here’s me: fat happy Buddha! Haha!
BUDDAH BELLY Pictures, Images and Photos

I do want to try to go back to some of my old ways, really I do. Let’s see where that goes.

Update again!

Well, I’m all studied out for now. I finished the first training, and my brain was much more up to practicing what I need to say after the break.

Then I started the second one, which I realized is actually a two-parter, so really there are at least 4 trainings I will need to do at home. I went thru most of this 2nd one, but got to the part where my brain was turning to mush, and decided it would be better to recap it in the morning when my mind is fresh, that way have a better chance of passing the exam the first time.

On my break I left a comment on someone’s article that was freshly pressed, and then got a comment back, that was nice.

I realized someone clicked my Carnivale link I had the other day, and that it wasn’t to the TV show at all it was to some place in Chicago?? I guess I should be checking out these links I put up more often. I tried to change it to IMDB or the TV show’s website but it’s not available. So, if anyone wants to look up Carnivale, type that into IMDB, Wikipedia, or Sorry about the bad link. I took it off. Also feel free to give me a heads up if I post another bad link.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week – so much to do before then, trainings at home and in Spokane, possibly taking a cert test if I can find the time, getting an oil change before going to CDA for Thanksgiving.


I’m taking a break. That first training was a lot longer than I thought it would be. I still have to do one part of it, and then plan to do the next training afterwards unless J immediately needs the laptop for homework.  I looked through Freshly pressed, and I think I’m going to read some of the Blueberry novel.

Oh yeah and last night I wrote a little bit on PC. Maybe more today. Read some of Blueberry novel this morning, I’m more than halfway through the book.

Um, okay WHY is WordPress suggesting that I use tags such as Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, and Twilight as tags?? Did I mention the Twilight books at all? NOOO! LMAO!!

Work training

I’ve got to do at least two work trainings online here at home this morning, maybe even three but the third one will be long and I might put that off till tomorrow so my mind is fresher for it. We’ll see.

But I’m getting distracted looking at Freshly pressed here on WordPress, (there were several interesting looking ones) and then looking at my subscriptions here – and I added a new one today after looking at Freshly pressed. So now I have 5, I think. I plan on listing them sometime soon.

Off to training my brain….