Much to do!

Well I spent most of Halloween looking at FS at LJ, that’s enough of that for me, I can’t believe I did it most of the day. Today I only looked at the newest entry.

I discovered a video editing program I wish I could get, it’s called Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, something like that. It’s on my wish list for Amazon for when I actually get a full time job. Someone on YT had a really cute Castiel vid and she said on her channel that’s what she used.

I’m on the desktop & I DIDN’T have to uninstall & reinstall the wireless adapter for once!!! I hope this is an ongoing thing??? I found out when I needed to look at some already downloaded email to make sure a training didn’t conflict with another appointment. It didn’t.

I finished filling out my ballot and then drove down to the library to drop it in the ballot box. Also returned some library books – one of them was Cry Wolf by Tami Hoag, I wanted to like it, but it was starting too much like a romance and less like a mystery. I think the other book was Ark of Fire, I didn’t really get into that one yet other than looking at first page.

I also paid the electric bill and phone/internet bill while out.

I went to Mitchell’s for some groceries since I was down that way, and then Safeway. We are almost out of money now for food till Saturday.

I played some Mario Kart Wii (barely) before going to Safeway. I cooked myself vegetarian tacos while the news was on, now after I write this I should ge to the dishes. Fun times.

I actually got the laundry put away, probably will have to start a new load tomorrow.

I found a fulltime job I might apply for tomorrow morning.

I want to get to bed tonight by midnight, and get up by 8am and eventually get into the habit of getting up at 7am, since I will have to go to several morning trainings and take the bus.

My car is vibrating harder on some accelerations, it has me worried. Will be trying not to take it to Spokane. I considered taking it to Fred Meyer one time soon, now not sure I want to.

Halloween Update: I didn’t really get to watch any scary movies. I tried Paranormal Activity twice, and it was really boring. I tried some other movies that didn’t keep my interest either.


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