Sunny day!

Wow! It’s sunny with blue sky! It’s been too long, especially for here. We usually don’t go a whole 2 weeks without sun!

I forgot to say yesterday I had to take an online exam for my work, had to take it twice actually. Today I’m going to have to go to the library to print off stuff for that job. Ugh. I wish my printer still worked.

I thought I was going to bed at midnight last night. Then I realized everyone on twitter was voting for Supernatural to be on the cover of TV guide and it was the last day. So I stayed up till midnight voting after my shower, then read Fear The Worst by Linwood Barclay till almost 1am.

What I’m really upset about is I set my alarm for 8am but didn’t get out of bed till 9:40 or so, oh why did I crawl back into bed?

I was even writing on one of my fics last night, THTV, and decided to rewrite the whole chapter I’ve been trying to write, and even quit doing it instead of staying up late to write. I might try to write a little more this morning. But I know it will take me a LOONG time to get it done.

Goals for today:

  1. Write some of THTV or at least one of my fics
  2. Print out that stuff for work
  3. Meditate maybe? I’ve forgotten all about it
  4. Read something today, not just at bedtime
  5. Watch the news tonight to see how the election is going

Guess what – I did all the dishes last night! Wooeee the sink is clean LOL

I have a secret – I think it was Saturday not sure, but we watched an episode of Dexter – 5.02 on the laptop, because I found a link to a place that let us watch it. Woooeee! So hopefully soon we’ll catch up on more Dexter.


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