If only – irritating little chores made better (in my head)

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Last night as I was going to bed, I was thinking of how annoying it is to stop and have to take my meds every night. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad I have them and they help keep me healthy. But stopping to swallow 4 pills always feels like a chore to me, so I was daydreaming, hmmm what if medicine came in a the form of a delicious tropical drink? Not alcoholic but just something fruity and fun. And with a slice of lime on the glass, maybe an umbrella. Then, taking medicine wouldn’t be a chore at all, it would be something to look forward to.


Cherry Limeade Pictures, Images and Photos

And taking a shower is an annoying chore as well, I don’t like getting wet and then having to dry off and deal with wet hair. I still shower daily. But it would be great if there were sonic showers like on Star Trek.  There would be no need to get wet, the sound just cleans you off. And while I’m at it, the even more annoying chore of shaving my legs could be taken care of in this fantasy sonic shower, there would be the technology to beam (transport, teleport) the hair off my legs in a flash, so no shaving. Men, get into this sonic shower and the need to shave facial hair daily is done in an instant.

I WISH! LOL so in reality, I’ll be trying not to be so annoyed with these three chores.


2 responses to “If only – irritating little chores made better (in my head)

  1. I wish too, oh I’m craving tropical drinks now! lol
    maybe one day… in cabo or cancun

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