Gettin stuff done!

Wow I’m so excited that I’m getting stuff done I have to post about it!

I cleaned the bathroom – not just the tub but the sink and toilet too – I thought about how shiny the toilet looked last time and thought, I want shiny!

After that I felt like I’d run a marathon, so I took a break, been reading that mystery book (the one in the picture). It’s better than I expected, and it’s not really even into the mystery yet. I just love the setting and how everything is well fleshed out.

And it’s making me hungry for blueberries. I’m going to the store in a moment to see if they have any fresh veggies, also going to get broccoli for tonights dinner and some popcorn for my movie 🙂

I’m still working on the dishes, and two loads of laundry is almost done, need to put that away soon (ugh) and I didn’t do very well pretending I was at an amusement park, but at least I’m getting stuff done.


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