Simpsons Sunday – Treehouse of horror!

Wow I have a lot to do today. Especially since yesterday I didn’t do much at all except have fun.

Yesterday – started reading a new cozy mysteryTown in a Blueberry Jam, by B.B. Haywood. It’s pretty good so far. The writer is good at fleshing out the characters and other details.  I also started a new free trial game, called Bigfoot, a hidden object and mystery game, I was liking it and the art was really nice (Those are the games I like to go back to) but then when I went back to it later, there wasn’t another free trial! Bah! This is the second time it’s happened with a game I really liked. I’m dying to buy the wild coin package just so I can go back to these games. But I shouldn’t be spending the money.

Let’s see, I also did a lot of Mario Kart Wii online, and looking up FS stuff late unto the night.

It was foodstamps day so I went and got groceries, nearly feeling faint from not eating much. I bought way too much junkfood. I need to quit doing that.  I ran into someone I know from work at the store. She wanted to talk awhile, which was nice, but I was so damn hungry.

Then I bought this stupid cheese enchilada that I’d bought before and hated, I didn’t remember how gross it was till I cooked it and tasted it. Ugh! I hate having to throw out food, but I could only stomach eating a fourth of it. Had to eat cereal and mashed potatoes in it’s place, which isn’t that filling or full of protien.

I also bought a cheesecake, which I really didn’t need but suddenly had a hankering for. J. was mad at the junkfood I bought, but he did dig into the cheesecake immediately when he got home (he was out most of the day with a couple of friends)

Oh yeah yesterday I woke and was tossing and turning from neck pain which stayed with me all day 😦 Today it’s feeling much better 🙂 Although if I rub that spot it still hurts.

Well anyway, today. I have several things I need to or want to do:

  1. Get the dishes done
  2. Get some laundry done
  3. Clean the bathtub
  4. Watch that Netflix movie in the mail – Fragile (Steph rec’d it)
  5. Watch Treehouse of horror tonight
  6. Read more of the cozy mystery, maybe another book too
  7. Email Mom quickly!
  8. I really should vacuum – I hate our vacuum cleaner though
  9. Email my friend that will take us to Fred Meyer on Wed.
  10. Maybe watch Dexter???

It’s kind of stormy outside today and I kind of like it. You know, with Fragile to watch and Tree House of Horror today, it’s going to feel more like Halloween today than last week. I didn’t have any good spooky stuff to watch on Halloween.


2 responses to “Simpsons Sunday – Treehouse of horror!

  1. if you have a blender (even a hand blender and a large glass will work)
    blend some OJ, fruit and whey protein powder, it makes a great actually quite filling meal, and its very healthy, we all love smoothies, don’t we?

  2. LOL my mom makes those all the time! It’s tricky to use our blender – we do make smoothies occasionally. Don’t have any protein powder though.

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