Gotta get ready

I don’t think I have posted for a couple days – brief summary now, and thanks for the comments I got on my blog, will have to get to the rest later (I answered a couple)

Okay 2 days ago I pretty much wasted my day on It’s a place like FFN except you submit your original stories there. And can read other people’s original stories. Well, I also was trying to write up some original stories too so I guess not completely a waste of time. But I didn’t finish anything, just kept changing my mind about what I wanted to write. I did post my original Jars story there, that I had already written.

While there I was trying to find stories that I would like to read, but most of them could not keep my attention – which is too bad, I wanted to leave reviews for the aspiring authors.

I also looked through their beta list and profiles for awhile. If I knew I was  going to stick to a story, I’d get a beta. I don’t bother with it for fanfiction though. I’m too impatient to just post it once it’s done, and it’s just fanfiction so I don’t see it as needing to be perfect. An original story though, I’d like to polish it.

Yesterday I got a lot more done. Well as far as doing things I like to do, so I did more of a variety. I read several of my library books – the Town in a Blueberry Jam one, The Favored Child, and Sweet Poison. Then I was working on OSCASL for awhile, then took a break and watched some Netflix, saw:

  1. The end of a Sanctuary ep I hadn’t finished
  2. Legend of the Seeker
  3. Cake boss (2 eps not together tho)
  4. Bizzare Foods

Later I kept begging J to watch Dexter with me so we watched that after Amy went home. He kept saying he had homework to do, but it didn’t take him that long.

I posted a chapter of OSCASL right before going to bed.

Oh yeah, even though I’m having trouble with finding a story I like on FP, I’ve found a couple on FFN I like, and one has Dean/Jo and the other has Dean/Lisa (ick) but the stories are good so I’m glad to have found some chapter stories I like.

Today I need to go to Spokane, and we might be shopping with the help of my friend Lorin, (to get us home with the groceries) but I don’t know I might have to stay for a training for work instead, I won’t know till I talk to my boss’s boss. Then I wouldn’t be able to shop, Lorin wants to be home early. If we do get to go shopping, Lorin wants to take us out to Chinese 🙂

So I have to put on nice clothes anyway, to do this one little thing for my job in Spokane Valley, and I’m wearing my tennis shoes and switching once I’m there.

Update: So they do need extra help for the December project. Which means I could get some work in December. This is good. But now I gotta change my plans and still haven’t heard back from my friend yet.

Which means possibly having to bus it to Spokane again tomorrow. We will see. I will  be glad to be home tonight, but dang we need some groceries!


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