It feels like Saturday – oh and I am a new Auntie!

I’m not sure why, maybe because we took a shopping trip today – oh  and J didn’t have to go to school, THATS why my brain kept thinking it was Saturday.

My friend Lorin was calling trying to find out if we wanted to go shopping, and I was sitting around on FB waiting to hear if my baby niece was born yet – anyway, backtrack to the fact that the internet WOULD NOT WORK and I kept trying, and finally noticed there was a strangely named unsecure connection with 3-4 bars, out of the blue, that was never there before – so I connected and saw that my niece wasn’t born yet.

Backtrack again to last night – I was finding out via FB that Sam was in labor and having fun chatting with Mom and Fin and even Miharak, and then out of the fricken blue I got a really bad mood swing, it might have been triggered by J not wanting to watch Criminal minds with me, IDK but even though I knew my niece was coming I felt really bad. I mean to the point where I looked at the clock, saw it wasn’t midnight yet, and then ran to the store to get a lime wine cooler. I never buy myself alchohol except to get a new bottle cap for J. So I really don’t want this to be a trend.

So yeah I was moody, thinking about now that he has the X-Box, he’s never visiting in the living room anymore. I usually have no one to talk to now. I wish he’d come out sometimes. He’s always in his room.

So I did feel better after drinking some of the wine cooler. And I was playing Mario Kart Wii, racing ghosts, and for some reason I was driving better than usual. Go figure. I thought the booze would mess me up. I even broke several of my records.

Okay now to today. We took the bus and had to stand the whole time to Spokane – it was packed!! When we first got on two ppl with wheelchairs were on, then he stopped at next stop and one of them got off, that opened at least 3 seats. But we still had to stand.

We went to Bankock Thai, which is super-duper yummy. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but at least the lunch special is a little better in price.

Then we went shopping at Fred Meyer. Lorin did some shopping too and got done probably 15 minutes before us, so I’m glad she didn’t have to wait too long.

I was hoping to get a text that the baby was born while out, but if I got one it didn’t go through. But I found out when I got home my niece was born at 1pm something at 8 lbs 1 oz, something like that. YAY! She’s only an hour’s drive away but I’m worried about taking the car on too many trips….so right now waiting till Thanksgiving to go, but who knows I could change my mind. Lorin thinks I need to get another 2nd opinion on my car. I doubt i will.

I worked on throwing together a meshed version of an original story I’ve been wanting to write, it’s at FB here: called the Unborn Song. Well, the first chapter. Oh and my profile there sucks, I wasn’t sure what to say about myself.

I’ve posted another version somewhere else of Unborn Song, but I don’t think it’s up anymore. It’s a story of an unusual society and unusual friendship.

Now I might play Etrian Odyssey III and try and figure out what subclasses I want, and maybe watch another Cake Boss.


5 responses to “It feels like Saturday – oh and I am a new Auntie!

  1. That sounds not to bad, I can understand J wanting his alone time – he is growing up unfortunately, but I’m sure he’ll still make time for his mum, you should say to him “I need some quality time, bitch – play mario Kart with me (or SPN)” LOL I bet he’d be shocked, and you’d get your point across, I’ve never had lime wine cooler, the only coolr I’ve had is west coast cooler whic is yummy, you shouldn’t be down on yourself for having some wine occassionally, its not uncommon in the western world to unwind like that

    Also CONGRATS on the new baby, she sounds big and healthy, I was only 6lbs

    • He doesn’t play Mario Kart much now that he has the X-Box. He used to. I just miss how he used to hang out in the living room most of the time, now he doesn’t at all. Yeah I’ll have to just ask for some quality time like you say.

      Yeah, I know, I’m just not used to it (getting alcohol) and I feel guilty, but I shouldn’t lol I only drank half the bottle yesterday and the other half today. It’s not like I’m getting drunk.

      Thanks!! I can’t wait to see her.

  2. just read your story it was good although I’m not sure about all this breeder stuff lol
    It works in the context of the story but if it were real life I’d be bummed

    but the story with the Jars in the fridge, really creeped me out, well done! more horror please you’re good at it

    • YAY! You made my day Fin! I really don’t get many comments on my stories, so it’s always nice to hear what ppl think. LOL on your breeder comment. It’s an alternate reality type story, and celibacy is forced on a lot of people. Breeders, I guess in your mind, are the lucky ones?

      YAY! Someone liked my little Jars story. Glad it was creepy! Oh I have more horror up my sleeve! Thanks for the compliment!

  3. I dunno if breeders are lucky, ‘Breeder’ kind of implies male/female, I don’t consider that particularly lucky lol!
    But wait, what, do you think the enforced celibate ones are lucky?

    It was very creepy, you’ll have to give me a heads up if/when you write some more horror,
    also if I were that girl what I’d have done would be this….
    wait for 5/10 mins after the parents went then checked the jars, that would have given me plenty of time to flee (I’d have left the kids btw) and gotten the cops … but it was creepy!

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