Been watching Six Feet Under. Well, one episode. Have two more to watch, I’m glad it’s not 4, I want to return it tomorrow because I’m anxious to try a show I heard about called Carnivale, which is next on my Netflix queue.

Six Feet Under was good. I need to remember to try and actually watch House and Bones this coming week. I’ve missed Bones for two weeks now, and I barely watched House last week.

Making sunny-side up eggs for J. Have to keep checking the stove so I don’t ruin them. He wanted six.


2 responses to “Update

  1. J ate 6 eggs at one time! Wow! If I eat 3, I think that’s a lot.
    Steph loves that show, “Carnivale.” She wanted Dad to watch it so gave him a boxed set of it for his birthday this year. He really enjoyed it, too. He did say that it was a bit odd at first until he got used to it. It’s one of those shows I don’t watch due to the language.

  2. Ya he insisted on 6. Didn’t even want it if it was only 4. LOL. I guess he was really hungry. I’m like you, I think 2 is plenty, and 3 is alot.

    Oh cool! So if they both like it it must be really good. I heard about it somewhere and looked it up, it got a lot of good reviews so decided to give it a try.

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