What happened to the days when…

Yakima 1

  1. I weighed 105 lbs! Look at those skinny arms! I weighed in at 173 at the doctor a week ago!! OMG when I was 105 lbs I wanted to gain some weight, but 173 is a bit much. What happened to 135? 145?
  2.   I would read every morning and before I go to bed? Now it’s internet, internet internet! What am I doing now? Internet!
  3. I would write people actual letters to put in the mail? I used to do it all the time, now just about never – although I wrote three tonight and it felt so good to be doing something with my hands!
  4. I would draw – and not do too badly? Now if I try to draw it looks terrible, what happened? And the main problem is I don’t want to make TIME for it to get back into practice.
  5. I would go on hikes on a fairly regular basis? (I can partially blame my car on this one, but most of the blame has to be on me)
  6. I had several pet birds? I really miss them…I can’t afford to live in an apartment now that lets  you have pets. I would love to have a couple lovebirds again.
  7. I went on drives in the country regularily? Now I can’t be bothered with the time, the gas money and the wear and tear on my car.
  8. I had a steady job (which add up to 10 years?) Yeah that’s a good one LOL. I miss those days now.
  9. I didn’t pay for cable because TV shows weren’t worth the expense to me? And I had a job then – now I only have temp jobs, and insist on paying for basic cable anyway because I can’t live without my shows…ergh
  10. I would drink plain tea in the morning, now I drink  flavored instant coffee which is more expensive and more fattening.
  11. I wouldn’t buy pop – except maybe Reed’s ginger ale. The whole time my son was growing up, because I didn’t want him raised on the stuff. Then I went back to college, hit my senior year there, and ever since, I am a pop-aholic, especially for Pepsi.
  12. I would do jigsaw puzzles on a regular basis – hey this was only last year, what happened?
  13. I would get up at 6am in the morning happily? Now it’s an effort sometimes to get up at 8am. I’d like to get up at 7am regularily at least. 6am now is way too much of a stretch.
  14. There was a decent Star Trek series on TV every week? Seriously, this is something that needs to come back. And yeah, I’d go to a friend’s house when I didnt’ have cable. I loved TNG, DS9 & Voyager.

Well anyway it’s almost midnight, time to get to bed, I just was thinking of writing these down. BTW, even though I miss some stuff, I’m actually happier now than I have been in most of my adult life.

Here’s me: fat happy Buddha! Haha!
BUDDAH BELLY Pictures, Images and Photos

I do want to try to go back to some of my old ways, really I do. Let’s see where that goes.


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