Listing what I’ve been up to

Been busy past few days. Today I have a day “off” but I have to do some work related stuff. Like some online trainings for one. So here is a quick list of what I’ve been up to yesterday and today. And then a list of what’s coming.


  1. I worked on a new one-shot fic
  2. Wrote to a beta for it, she said she would read it. It’s not done yet.
  3. Caught the bus to Spokane Valley for 1st day of PAID training
  4. Wrote some of my fic (and another fic) on a notepad part of the way there
  5. Yes found out it is PAID training. Halaluya I can’t spell it.
  6. Found out I have work scheduled for 2 days in Nov and several days in Dec, YAY!
  7. Spent 3 hours almost in training
  8. Walked to the restaraunt across the street to buy a Pepsi so I would have something to drink. That was expensive, $2.16 for just a medium. Oh well. I didn’t get the Taco Time like I thought I was (that would have costed exactly $2.16 as well) because I packed a PBJ sandwich.
  9. LONG bus ride home, almost 2 hours
  10. Bought myself gum at the Plaza between busses because I was dying to clean off my teeth a little, from all the Pepsi + candy they handed out in training
  11. Tried to write when I got home. Was trying for too long. Got some of it done but I need to learn when to quit when I’m not going anywhere
  12. Watched ANTM and Criminal Minds
  13. Tried to write again.
  14. Gave up and watched some of Carnivale. Okay, this show is WEIRD. I’m not even sure what the plot is, and the show overall creeps me out. Especially the bearded lady. I don’t know if I can handle a show that will constantly have a bearded lady. The little midget guy is really cute though. I will watch the next ep (only 2 eps on 1st disc) and see if the show is going anywhere.


  1. Slept in a little. Was dreaming that we had a video game that you could walk around in, and we suddenly found levels that we didn’t know existed. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. Knocked on J’s door cos I was surprised he wasn’t off to school yet. Guess he had a later start today
  3. Somehow wasted some time looking at reviews on amazon for a book I hate, gave helpful votes to the reviews I agreed with (book is CWG not listing actual title here) Don’t even know what got me over there in the first place other than some convo with J
  4. Called main office for work, told them I had a schedule conflict with working till 9pm in Spokane office because of bus schedule. Really hope that gets changed to at least 8:30pm so I don’t stand out on a busy Spokane street in the dark in the winter for almost AN HOUR. If it gets changed bus waiting time will be only 10-15 minutes there, and only 10 minutes at Plaza.
  5. I need to finish these goals for work that are due tomorrow – waiting to hear from boss on advice. Also waiting for boss to call about scheduling in January (supposed to fill out my times available online. I’m available anytime, I just don’t want to be working 6-7 days a week.)
  6. I need to get working on this online training, but it’s long, so I’m thinking of finishing Carnivale first, or at least trying to, so I can mail it back to Netflix
  7. I might wait till I hear from the boss to start these trainings, I want to make sure I’m doing the right one(s).
  8. Having Pepsi right now cos there’s nothing I want to eat. I really need to find something.


It’s going to be sorta a long day. Gotta catch a really early bus, be there at 9am, and after training, stay around for practice and even possible work. Must wear nice clothes in case I do end up working. Wondering if I should bring a lunch or walk somewhere for lunch.


2 responses to “Listing what I’ve been up to

  1. YAY for the PAID =D

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