Hello Winter

Snow Pictures, Images and Photos
Well it snowed a little bit today. Kinda nice. I almost wish it hadn’t stopped, but then I don’t want too much snow.

Yesterday I didn’t get anything done like I thought I might. Just didn’t feel like cleaning. I can’t remember everything leisurely that I did do, but I know I read some of a library book (also went to the library to pick up books), watched Cake Boss, watched some of Legend of the Seeker, read some fics including Supernatural, Psycho, and House, looked up F!S, and played just a little bit of Mario Kart Wii.

Today I’m getting a lot more done. First I wanna mention – family, I know you’re not sending Xmas gifts anyway, but if someone wins the lotto, there is stuff on my amazon wish list I don’t actually want. Any of the artsy stuff – don’t really want it. I just add something each week to enter in the contest amazon is having. Anything that I added from amazon itself, yeah I want it. Now go win the lotto, lol.

Okay, it’s Sunday, and I had the energy to clean. Cleaned up the coffee table, did two loads of laundry and put most of it away, been working on the dishes, want to vacuum sometime today and watch Dexter. I’m playing the free trial of Bigfoot over on the desktop because I only got one free trial on the laptop.

It’s snowing again! Oh yeah and I red some of The Favored Child this morning by Phillipa Gregory. Might read a little more of it or another book today.


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