Not only did I find a recipe for Osaka sauce, I found the recipe FROM THE MUSTARD SEED!!!

I need to print this out sometime soon! I’m hungry just thinking about it!

Oh and I forgot to mention the main reason I cleaned out the storage shed – I couldn’t reach my Christmas decorations box at all so decided to rearrange. I pulled out my little tree, put up some other decor so now we look somewhat Christmasy, but nothing like Dr. Phils wife, LOL

Plus now that I cleaned the shed, I was able to put the two summer fans away. Gives us more floor room.

I’ve been cooking more lately, trying to use food that we have in the cupboard and also more fresh veggies. Don’t know if I will cook anything special tonight.


2 responses to “OMG!

  1. our crimbo decorations are up, its all very christmass-y – ofcourse its never actually crismass until you see the coca cola santa advert (which I have), lol who says we’re a consumerist society?

    * note the many phonectic spelling of christmas, this is my bizarre attempt to make the holiday more non christian friendly, I mean folks have been celebrating the winter solstice way before the church usurped it, just saying holidays are for everyone =D

    • LOL Crimbo!! That’s a new one! Hey I haven’t seen the Coca-cola Santa yet! And I thought you said polar bear! I might have to watch it on YT!

      Yep, I agree, Christmas is a mishmash of several traditions, and I happen to not be a Christian as well.

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