Time to update this blog!

Summary of my life at this moment:

First, it’s super-snowy-winterland out there. It’s been snowing all day but now the snow is coming down harder and w/ bigger flakes. All the evergreen branches are thicky covered with snow.

Yesterday was my first day at real work, as in not just training. I had to be out to training in Spokane at 9am, so caught the 7:45am bus. Then most of the training was on the comps. It was about the new updated version of our software at work. There are a few changes we will have to get used to.

My boss was there this time and she said she’d help me with my goals on Wed, few. I didn’t know what to put (have to turn them in on Wed)

Then I went to the mall and ate at the Mustard Seed. I was considering having the Osaka Halibut, but that was waay to expensive, like twice the price of everything else. So I ordered the Tofu Osaka, which is really good but incredibly rich. I need to see if there is a recipe for the sauce online or something, then I could make my own. I also ordered green tea, and was able to take the remainder with me in a disposable cup.

Then I wandered around the mall and looked at a few stores. I circled both the top and bottom floor once. I wanted to walk more, and would have, but my bag I was carrying along was too heavy. So I decided to get on the bus and relax to kill time. I got on the Division bus and saw the route north of Northtown.

I was trying to ask the driver if the bus looped around and headed back down Division the other way. He suddenly got a call from the station, and the bus was already crowded, so I decided to just rush over to a seat so I wouldn’t have to stand. Then as he’s going down the road, he’s letting ppl off but not letting ppl get on, which was weirding me out! I was worried the bus was quitting the route way up north. Well, it was only because he was behind (he was, I was standing in the cold waiting for him too long) and he had to cut some of his route off.

We passed Steph’s old street, too bad she’s not there anymore.

So heading back down Division, I was trying to decide do I kill more time by riding to the plaza then back up again to work? I decided to get off the bus at work and be there an hour early, good thing I did because I was able to start work early.

I had been pretty nervous about it, but it wasn’t so bad. Although once I got home I almost felt panicky – this happens a lot for me after working. I’m so dreadfully afraid of making mistakes or facing something at work I can’t handle.

I guess my perspective on this is, I’d rather be panicky at home over nothing, and have smooth sailing at work, then have smooth sailing at home and then a bad day at work!

So, the time passed by at work rather quickly because I was busy the whole time. And if you count the training in the morning and the work in the evening, I worked 7 hours, which is pretty good time 🙂

Today, a day off. So glad cos yesterday was so long, and cos of the snow. But tomorrow is another long day. My break will be shorter though. So I’m trying to decide what to do. Will probably at least go to Taco Time because veggie burritos are on sale on Wed.

I’ve been reading. Still reading Vigil which is really good. I’m enthralled with a new character, but can’t say why in case someone wants to read it. Read some of Roadside Crosses today. That one is getting better. It went from sorta going nowhere to they were wrong about who the killer is, using some profiling to figure that out, and now not knowing who it is. And it has this fake game in it a morpeg or whatever, which I think is a generic made up for WOW. The game details have been interesting.

I’ve been playing FB games again more than I should. Like not sticking to the Wed & Sat thing for one. I need to get back to that or at least Tues & Sat.

Games I’m playing now:

  1. Millionaire City
  2. Vegas City
  3. Hollywood City
  4. Animal Party
  5. Sushi Wars
  6. Castle Age
  7. Lucky Train
  8. Chocolatier
  9. Starfleet Commander
  10. Monster Galaxy

That’s what I can think of right now. I really need to cut some out. Decided Hollywood city is out for sure. Some games will only be on Tues & Sat.

Kind of addicted to this new game, Monster Galaxy. It’s just like Pokemon. Some of the creatures are really cute. I’ve got 5 or six of them right now. They are based on zodiac signs. The graphics and backgrounds are pretty. There’s lots of slots for collecting, so this game will keep my busy for awhile.

Oh yeah, I did a bunch of cleaning on Sunday, including going thru the storage shed and rearanging and pulling out the goodwill stuff. Cleaned the living room too and did most of the dishes.

I decided I’m not going to put more books on hold at the library until I get some of the ones I have out read, plus some at home. Some I probably just won’t finish, like Servant of Bones and The Gold Falcon, because I barely understand what’s going on in those. I wish I was liking the Gold Falcon, because I want to read a good fantasy.

Also decided after I buy another plot in Millionaire city, I’m going to revamp a lot of the property, so there is less to click. As in put down more valuable properties where the cheap ones are.

I hope to get more reading done today


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