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Snowy Saturday

J’s taking a quick nap. I just finished playing some Eternal Sonota in his room, haven’t played that one in awhile. He wants me to take him to Bimart, and I want to return A Gathering of Crows since I finished it. It was good! I’m still not letting myself put another book on hold until I finish one more book. I started Mirror and the Mask by Ellen Hart yesterday and it’s pretty good. I did go and get Atlas Shrugged for my one fat book at at time. The next book I want to put on hold is Tess Gerritsen‘s newest book, and after that, Stieg Larsson‘s second book.

It’s been snowing quite a bit. So much for being able to see the grass in the backyard.

Oh yeah J was willing to race me a couple times last night on Mario Kart Wii, that was nice.


Weird dream – well all dreams are weird

I wanted to write this dream down because it’s still standing out to me and I’ve been awake for more than a half hour.

In the dream, Grandma F. was coming over for a visit. (she passed away this summer). She was flying in to see me and my mom, and for some reason we’re not in MT or WA, we’re in Vancouver, BC. The reason I know this is because Kaitlyn, who lives in Vancouver, BC, was offering to give Grandma a room in a boarding type house that was across the street from where Mom and I are staying. A room comes empty and I’m checking it out, getting excited for Grandma to stay there. Later though, we see some guy has checked in and is hanging up all his business suits.

So, we’re trying to figure out where Grandma is going to stay. This is where it get really weird. I get this phone call on my tracfone – not Mom but me, from the daycare that Lee usually goes to in the morning that is state run. Lee in the dream is a baby. So I’m first trying to ask if they can call me back on my mom’s cell, because my tracfone is limited on minutes and they keep putting me on hold. Mom doesn’t want me to because she’s waiting for an important call. So I tell the state-run daycare never mind. So I’m trying to explain to them that Lee isn’t showing up to daycare in the morning because his dad doesn’t wake up in time to take him in the morning. And I’m hoping they aren’t thinking that we’ve left Lee with someone unfit to watch him (his own father). And then I’m having to explain how we’re on a trip and didn’t bring him blah blah blah. Then I ask if I can take another call (Tracfones don’t let you take another call) and it’s about how there might be a room for Grandma after all at this place. So we try to arrange that, Kaitlyn had been thinking there would be a room for her at the boarding house. I go back to the call from daycare and it’s musack playing so I hang up, figuring they will call me back if they need to talk to me.

We go inside the boarding house and there is a sign at the front door saying it’s a place for unusual people (that’s not exactly what it said but that’s the gist of it). I’m wondering if Grandma could even be considered unusual. We’re inside about to look upstairs, and climb these ugly, red carpeted stairs that look like they have been there since decades ago, and I’m wondering why are we having Grandma stay at such a shoddy place, when there are nicer motels in town?

So I don’t remember much after that. And btw, I barely know this Kaitlyn, and wouldn’t have her phone number. She was our tour guide when I was in Vancouver BC. And my Tracfone wouldn’t work in Canada.  And I’m still confused why baby Lee was my responsibility to explain at the moment, and not Mom’s.  Or why he was a baby, I was definitely an adult in this dream.

4 day weekend!

Far as I know, I don’t work this Friday so I have a 4 day weekend. Today is day one, and it’s still morning, yay!

I read some of Don’t Close your eyes by Carlene Thompson this morning, then felt the need to switch books (even though it is good) and read about a page of Blasphemy by Douglas Preston before popping onto the computer. I still feel this need to switch books – one of the reasons I usually check out so many books at once.

And I was sitting here wondering if I should allow myself to check out Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged again to read here and there for her prose, or make myself wait till I finish all the books I have like I planned, before checking out new books? Haven’t decided yet. Maybe I should allow myself to have one thick book out at a time. There are several I started from the library and haven’t finished.

I decided to collect rent on Millionaire city and then NOT start new contracts. So yet another game I am taking a break from. Right now the only 3 games I want to play on a daily basis are Lucky Train, Mall World, and My Mad Millions. They give me something to look forward to every day without being too time consuming.

Yesterday at work was not a very good day – not going to say much here but things were not going well. And then because I stayed up to late the night before (obsessively working on a vid, need to learn NOT to do that the night before I work in the morning) I was tired, and I made a stupid mistake at work, and then I felt guilty the rest of the day, and kept wondering how badly I screwed up that woman’s life. Ugh. I hope she will be okay and I still wish I hadn’t made that dumb mistake.

I’m still tired! Partially since I made myself get up at 8am when I didn’t have to (didn’t want to lose any of my morning on my day off)

Going to read again soon, and later must work on cleaning up the kitchen and want to make some more of that homemade candy. We have errands to run today when J gets up. Really glad he’ll be home today, seems like we are never home at the same time anymore (he goes to Amy’s or Plasma center when I am home. Or Amy comes over and they hide in his room)

Speaking of My Mad millions, not only do I get to pick interesting adventures for myself, I get to have a fake stock portfolio and actually all the stocks I picked are doing really well. You’re supposed to be losing money in that game, but I still like to see my stocks doing well. And also I’ve been enjoying betting on Football teams and seeing the results later. (nope, I don’t watch the games, just check back to see if I won or not.) We’re allowed 2 trades a day in the stock market, and 2 bets a day on the sports teams.

Too tired to think, going to read a little longer.

Day off but busy

I rearranged the pantry closet and put the rest of the food away from Fred Meyer, started the dishes and then went on errands – it was really cold and windy out there. Went to the library, returned books, mailed back Netflix, went to Bimart to check my number, was hoping to win a $250 Bimart giftcard – didn’t, but was one number off from winning a $100 gift card! I was hoping to win and use the gift card to buy necessities in the coming months like soap, TP, shampoo, etc. I’ll try next Tuesday.

Went to Great Clips and dropped off some food that was in my pantry that I didn’t want (they had a food bank barrel there) and then to Safeway to get a few things.

I called DSHS for my food stamps appointment this morning, didn’t get through several times, but when I did I was told we’d only get $192 food stamps a month (about half what we were getting) because J is in college and doesn’t have a job. So he is ineligible to receive food stamps.

So, we’re going to have to stop buying Boost, or buy very little. I’ll have to finally give up my favorite flavored coffee, although I was getting close to having to give it up anyway because the company was getting rid of my favorite flavor anyway and replacing it with a lighter cappuccino flavor.

I’ll also have to spend cash on food when I get my paychecks, I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to, so I could save extra money for a later day. Oh well.

I’m going to have to be pounding the pavement or whatever they call it to get a job when done with my current job.

I also cleaned up my favorites list on my browser, and removed several apps I don’t use on FB anymore (they were telling me I didn’t have room for a bookmark for Mall World, a game I play daily)

Been listening and watching vids on YT on the TV – the Wii internet channel was being lousy though and not finding one of my favorite House fanvids on a search, I tried several dif wordings and finally just made a brand new playlist with Windmill, Windmill, (House) at the top (through my laptop), so I was able to finally reach it on Wii’s YT! It’s a great general fanvid.

To save money, I am considering turning off the long distance on the home phone and just using the Tracfones for that. Haven’t decided yet. Also if I’m going to pay for Tracfone I gotta do it again soon. Also considering turning off the cable, but not quite ready to do that (maybe in the summer)

Speaking of this summer, I might have to move. I don’t want to, but J was saying he might move in with Amy. If they can afford it. The way things are going though, I don’t know what to expect. Amy came over upset that her financial aide was put off for yet another quarter. And then there is the thing about not getting food stamps if you don’t have a job. They were counting on getting food stamps if they were living together. We’ll see.

Then I told Sean and he said I could move in with him, and I will definetly keep that as an option (I had thought they wouldnt’ want me, but remember now he’s used to roomates. I’m kinda hoping I can stay in WA a little longer though. And Cheney, since I hate moving.

I need to do at least one load of laundry today. Don’t want to go out in that wind!

Other news – when we went shopping Sunday, I found a nice coat at Kmart – sort of a green-blue color, has fuzzy lining in parts of the inside, has a hood, has fuzzy pockets, and can zip a partial face cover over me if needed. It was only $34, since it was 50% off. I really needed a new coat, because the fleece one I had been using, the buttons constantly pop open. I was rebuttoning over and over while walking to bus stops. Now I can zip my coat shut again. And if the zipper breaks (what happened to my last winter coat I bought) there are snaps at least. The fleece one will be my emergency coat.

J’s at Amy’s today. Seems we are never home at the same time.

Oh yeah, J bought me a video game at Trade a Game Sunday, it’s Diddy Kong Racing 64 . Because I liked the picture on the back of the box, looked like there was a christmasy looking race track. There is, several of them, and one has a really pretty spot with a huge moon in a night sky and christmas trees and lit up houses in the snow. Game is hard to control though! Played Mario Kart Wii last night after playing the Diddy game, and I was banging into walls constantly because I had forgotten how to steer – diddy game is very haphazard.

I bought J the latest Professor Layton game on the DS for Christmas last week, we’ve both been having fun playing that. Johnathan was weirded out by the plot, now that I know what he’s talking about, I am too (like my mind won’t except it! LOL and it’s just a game)

Morning shift

Today was my first day to work the morning shift. I loved it! Done at 3pm – well 3:15. We were really busy. Barely got to eat, I was starving when I got home.

Yesterday J bought me Diddy Kong Racing for N64. Because I liked the Christmasy looking level on the box. Gonna go play some now. Post more later.

Shopping day

Quick post – I want to get ready to go shopping – we are going to take the car to Spokane, hope all goes well! Going to Fred Meyer, Kmart, and a store J wants to go to on Sprague.

The weather says it’s going to be above freezing today and the roads are clear, so I’m okay with going. We discussed going yesterday, but I didn’t feel up to it, and it started snowing in the afternoon.

I was looking for a new christmas pic for FB (found one but gonna change it soon) and found the Supernatural christmas header – which I had to tweek and re-write merry christmas to make it fit on WordPress. So the picture quality isn’t great, but I like it.

I finished reading Sweet Poison by Ellen Hart. It was pretty good. I’ll be reading the next book in line of her series of mysteries soon, but now am reading Carlene Thompson’s Don’t Close your eyes again.

I’m feeling good about my decision about waiting to check out more books until I finish the ones I have. I feel like I’ll get more books read this way rather than spreading myself too thin like I always do. One of the first books I want to read once I clear out the current ones is the new Tess Gerritsen book I found out about. At least I think I haven’t read it yet! Can’t remember the title but I put it on my amazon wish list.

Another book I want to read is to finish A Rose for A Crown which is a thick historical fiction book I’ve been reading off and on during the year. I don’t have it at home right now.

I feel bad, I haven’t bought my Supernatural TV Guide yet! We won the cover with our votes! There better be some copies left!

I need to take a shower (UGH and double ugh wet hair in the winter) and get ready to go.

Oh yeah, one more thing, yesterday I wasted a ton of time. TRIED to do some creative writing with my Nightland story but went nowhere. I did have fun later making a video game song list on YT. Which made me realize I like video game songs better than real songs. LOL. The list is 30 songs long already.


I leave for work at 1:10pm. Don’t have to be there till quarter till  3pm, but that’s the way the bus schedule goes. Either leave early or show up too late. On Wed I ate at Taco time for lunch to kill some time, not in the mood for that today, so I haven’t made up my mind what I will do to kill time – maybe just read at the plaza. Or go for a walk in the skywalks.

I’m really glad it’s Friday, will have 2 days in a row where I don’t have to think about going anywhere if I don’t want to. Oh and Wed was super busy at work, I thought that would make the time go faster, but actually I served so many ppl it made the day feel longer. But it is good that I was able to help most of the ppl.

I’ve been reading Sweet Poison and am almost done, started reading A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene and it’s good, will take that one on the bus, (have been), and have been reading a story on Fictionpress by someone with a long user name but one of his stories is called Damnation, Texas, about a western town that has supernatural things going on. I don’t usually like westerns but I like the guy’s writing and characters, and the plot is interesting for each story, except for the one with the lizard man, I had trouble following it. I started another story of his this morning, Yonder City, and wrote down where I left off (his chapters are too long for me to read at once.)

Which makes me wish I was writing something. I haven’t been in a writing mood for a couple of weeks. And I start things that I don’t finish. Really wish I could learn to stay focused on a few things rather than spreading myself too thin. Also when I do try to write (lately), my prose is terrible. Not sure how to improve it.

Sean came over yesterday after an acting job here in town, which was a nice surprise. He wanted to watch the newest Star Trek movie after telling us about the job. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, J had Amy over as well. Long time since I fixed something for 4 ppl. I forgot to give Sean the Christmas ornaments I said he could borrow. Oh and his car needed a jump before he could leave, good thing my car battery was on the left and his on the right, because my jump cables are short.

I got bored with the news last night. So tired of hearing that the rich are going to continue to get their tax cuts. Ugh. Seems like the news is the same every night. I turned it off and did something else, but can’t remember what it was.

Oh, yesterday before Sean came over, I was making a playlist on Youtube of Christmas songs, and I found this song which I absolutely love – it’s a remake of Last Christmas, which is already my fav Christmas song.

Which was making me wish I had an MP3 player so I could listen to it and a few other songs while waiting for the bus, but they are too expensive, even the small ones, for me to bother with right now.

Yesterday I tried watching Friday the 13th the original movie, but it was too stupid. I think I gave up a half hour in. I should have been watching Six Feet under, I still need to watch one more episode.

UPDATE: I just watched Six Feet Under and put it in the mail. About to get dressed for work. I forgot to mention J has been playing Mario Kart Wii more often now, beating my ghosts, wanting me to try beat his ghost, and then races mine again to beat my time, it’s been fun.

Just having coffee and a PBJ sandwich for lunch. I hope I don’t get too hungry later, but nothing really sounded good. And the coffee, I’ve been feeling tired. It’s that time of the month and it’s sapping my energy.

Thinking maybe if I write 3 more chapters of a certain story, and have an outline ready for the future plot, I can post this one story of mine to FP. I don’t want to post it and then never finish it like everything else I post.

Sunday Afternoon W/ Eve Update

Kiwi: Peach-faced Lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis)

~I’m adding an update at 6:13pm see below~

Been getting some stuff done – Oh and I just HAD to post this lovebird pic I found on Flickr, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! So in love with this pic! Wish I had that little birdy snuggling in my sweater!

I’ve started the dishes and washed a couple loads, started two loads of laundry, and cleared off some of the dining room table. I hung up christmas stockings on the wall to help us look even more festive. I was listening to three Christmas songs via Wii internet channel & YT (pretty much all the Wii internet channel is good for is YT) The songs are 1. Last Christmas by Wham, 2. All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey, and 3. This Christmas by Michael McDonald. The Wham one is my absolute favorite, for the sound of the song, not the lyrics (they are a little depressing, about heartbreak) and someone put up a nice video with a pretty Christmas picture and the lyrics going by. So now I’m considering buying This Christmas by MM and doing the same thing, since all they had on YT was him singing live, which I think is kind of boring. I like the more upbeat version I heard on the radio.

Speaking of radio, Last Christmas by Wham came on the radio yesterday at the recycle center,  which put me in the mood to hear it some more. Thank you YT Lol. The guy at the recycle center was even whistling to it, so I know I’m not the only one that likes it.

Here’s the video in case anyone wants to hear the song.

It’s cold out there. The sun is shining a little, which is nice, but I wish snow was melting. Oh well, at least I was able to go to the laundry room in my shoes rather than boots. Hooray for that! Because the sidewalks are clear.

I’m going to be busy the next several days. I work tomorrow, in the evening, and have to take an early bus, otherwise I’ll be a little late. Decided I’ll go for a walk in the skywalks to kill time instead of showing up as early as I did last time. Also tomorrow morning I need to make sure I finish the food stamps app and mail it. And get ready for the Snap appt, to see if I qualify for heating assistance. That’s on Tues morning, so I’m stuck going to Spokane on the bus on my day off, boo. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s downtown, I’d consider actually taking my car and going to Fred Meyer afterwards since we’ll have food stamps by then. Then work again on Wed & Friday, Thurs I need to make sure I’ve called for my food stamp appt.

 So hear it is on the weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next weekend.

Okay more later (again) gonna get back to the dishes and do a little reading and eat something.


Watching ANTM on CW website because J forgot to tape it for me Wed. And THANKS CW (sarcastically) for posting the winner on your website when I would have rather enjoyed the suspense as I watch the ep!

CW has a lot of commercials during the show, even when you watch it on the net, so I’m typing during one of the commercials. I was also eating the grilled cheese sandwich and french fries I made for dinner (with pickle, J insisted)

Okay show’s over and half an hour till the Simpsons. Going to finish up here. I downloaded my email to the desktop comp like I wanted, I’ve done most of the dishes and plan to finish before going to bed, and want to clean up the rest  of the kitchen too. I hope to go to bed early, and get up at 7:30am so I have plenty of time to get the DSHS app done, put everything together for Tues, and have some time to relax too, and make lunch, before I have to catch the bus.

I’ve got all these things I’ve been wanting to write down here, but now I can’t remember most of them. Gah.

Oh, for now I’m kinda on break from Castle age, just not in the mood. I played Lucky Train off and on today, having fun with that game. It’s pretty simple but I get amused seeing all the trains pulling in and getting to pick who rides them.

Oh and I went back to flickr and the photographer had a big pic available for that lovebird, and even let me save the pic (so many pics block you on flickr) so now that pic is my wallpaper on both my comps. I love it!

Oh what else can I talk about? J and I were having a fight about taco shells yesterday, and Boost. No big deal either lol but he’s planning on drinking less Boost so we can use food stamps for other things. I just worry about him getting enough vitamins, right now Boost IS our vitamins. I don’t buyvitamin pills anymore.

Oh work! I was going to write about that. It’s been interesting. I’ve served a few ppl that actually live in my town, so that was cool, and 2 ppl who works at a place that I used to work at. Which makes it easier to find a way to have a conversation.

But then I get home and I think I talked too much. I’m usually a quiet person, not too talkative, but at work I think I go overboard and I need to work on staying on focus. Hopefully I come across as friendly.

Lots to do

It’s Sunday and I was lazy yesterday other than taking the recycle out and also the Goodwill stuff (finally). Well I did cook too, I made tacos for dinner, and before that this really sweet natural candy that isn’t quite right because J said there was no carob powder at the Fred Meyer. So it has carob chips. It’s really rich and I can’t eat too much at once. Has a lot of butter, so while they might have protien and calcium in them, they are fattening. Can’t remember what they are called. Ingredients: butter, honey, vanilla extract, dry milk (I used soy had it around) powder, and carob powder, made into balls and rolled into sesame seeds then refrigerated.

Other than that, yesterday I played  a lot of Mario Kart Wii, also played a free trial of a hidden object game on the laptop, Nora Roberts Vision in White. I liked the graphics. The storyline was silly and romantic though. Didn’t finish it, hope I get one more free trial.

I finished reading Vigil by Robert Masello today, it was good! I didn’t completely get the ending, but I want to try another one of his books now. However, I’m not letting myself put any books on hold until I get some of these other books out of the way. I thought the library had a nice way to remember what you want for later, because you can add books to a list, however, I discovered the list disappears right after you sign out!! What is the point of that? So I’ll have to throw books I want to read later on my amazon wish list. The only book on that list I have any intention of buying someday (or if someone wants to send me a gift lol) is that Christopher Pike collection of stories that I can’t get at the library.

I’m trying to finish reading the Etruscan Chimera today, and also want to read more of Sweet poison, which I am about halfway through. I started a Carlene Thompson book, Dont’ close your eyes, and will keep that as my book to read on the bus, since her thrillers are usually always interesting.

I REALLY need to get some cleaning done in the kitchen today and do two loads of laundry, I’m still not going outside for that, my hair is still wet from my bath (was too lazy to shower) so I’m going to go work on that for a bit. One thing I’d like to do today is get that kitchen table cleaned off and work on my jigsaw puzzle a little bit. That and read when I’m not cleaning. If I play any video games today I don’t want to do it for long.

Posting this now and updating later today I still have more stuff I want to write down.