Lots to do

It’s Sunday and I was lazy yesterday other than taking the recycle out and also the Goodwill stuff (finally). Well I did cook too, I made tacos for dinner, and before that this really sweet natural candy that isn’t quite right because J said there was no carob powder at the Fred Meyer. So it has carob chips. It’s really rich and I can’t eat too much at once. Has a lot of butter, so while they might have protien and calcium in them, they are fattening. Can’t remember what they are called. Ingredients: butter, honey, vanilla extract, dry milk (I used soy had it around) powder, and carob powder, made into balls and rolled into sesame seeds then refrigerated.

Other than that, yesterday I played  a lot of Mario Kart Wii, also played a free trial of a hidden object game on the laptop, Nora Roberts Vision in White. I liked the graphics. The storyline was silly and romantic though. Didn’t finish it, hope I get one more free trial.

I finished reading Vigil by Robert Masello today, it was good! I didn’t completely get the ending, but I want to try another one of his books now. However, I’m not letting myself put any books on hold until I get some of these other books out of the way. I thought the library had a nice way to remember what you want for later, because you can add books to a list, however, I discovered the list disappears right after you sign out!! What is the point of that? So I’ll have to throw books I want to read later on my amazon wish list. The only book on that list I have any intention of buying someday (or if someone wants to send me a gift lol) is that Christopher Pike collection of stories that I can’t get at the library.

I’m trying to finish reading the Etruscan Chimera today, and also want to read more of Sweet poison, which I am about halfway through. I started a Carlene Thompson book, Dont’ close your eyes, and will keep that as my book to read on the bus, since her thrillers are usually always interesting.

I REALLY need to get some cleaning done in the kitchen today and do two loads of laundry, I’m still not going outside for that, my hair is still wet from my bath (was too lazy to shower) so I’m going to go work on that for a bit. One thing I’d like to do today is get that kitchen table cleaned off and work on my jigsaw puzzle a little bit. That and read when I’m not cleaning. If I play any video games today I don’t want to do it for long.

Posting this now and updating later today I still have more stuff I want to write down.


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