Sunday Afternoon W/ Eve Update

Kiwi: Peach-faced Lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis)

~I’m adding an update at 6:13pm see below~

Been getting some stuff done – Oh and I just HAD to post this lovebird pic I found on Flickr, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! So in love with this pic! Wish I had that little birdy snuggling in my sweater!

I’ve started the dishes and washed a couple loads, started two loads of laundry, and cleared off some of the dining room table. I hung up christmas stockings on the wall to help us look even more festive. I was listening to three Christmas songs via Wii internet channel & YT (pretty much all the Wii internet channel is good for is YT) The songs are 1. Last Christmas by Wham, 2. All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey, and 3. This Christmas by Michael McDonald. The Wham one is my absolute favorite, for the sound of the song, not the lyrics (they are a little depressing, about heartbreak) and someone put up a nice video with a pretty Christmas picture and the lyrics going by. So now I’m considering buying This Christmas by MM and doing the same thing, since all they had on YT was him singing live, which I think is kind of boring. I like the more upbeat version I heard on the radio.

Speaking of radio, Last Christmas by Wham came on the radio yesterday at the recycle center,  which put me in the mood to hear it some more. Thank you YT Lol. The guy at the recycle center was even whistling to it, so I know I’m not the only one that likes it.

Here’s the video in case anyone wants to hear the song.

It’s cold out there. The sun is shining a little, which is nice, but I wish snow was melting. Oh well, at least I was able to go to the laundry room in my shoes rather than boots. Hooray for that! Because the sidewalks are clear.

I’m going to be busy the next several days. I work tomorrow, in the evening, and have to take an early bus, otherwise I’ll be a little late. Decided I’ll go for a walk in the skywalks to kill time instead of showing up as early as I did last time. Also tomorrow morning I need to make sure I finish the food stamps app and mail it. And get ready for the Snap appt, to see if I qualify for heating assistance. That’s on Tues morning, so I’m stuck going to Spokane on the bus on my day off, boo. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s downtown, I’d consider actually taking my car and going to Fred Meyer afterwards since we’ll have food stamps by then. Then work again on Wed & Friday, Thurs I need to make sure I’ve called for my food stamp appt.

 So hear it is on the weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next weekend.

Okay more later (again) gonna get back to the dishes and do a little reading and eat something.


Watching ANTM on CW website because J forgot to tape it for me Wed. And THANKS CW (sarcastically) for posting the winner on your website when I would have rather enjoyed the suspense as I watch the ep!

CW has a lot of commercials during the show, even when you watch it on the net, so I’m typing during one of the commercials. I was also eating the grilled cheese sandwich and french fries I made for dinner (with pickle, J insisted)

Okay show’s over and half an hour till the Simpsons. Going to finish up here. I downloaded my email to the desktop comp like I wanted, I’ve done most of the dishes and plan to finish before going to bed, and want to clean up the rest  of the kitchen too. I hope to go to bed early, and get up at 7:30am so I have plenty of time to get the DSHS app done, put everything together for Tues, and have some time to relax too, and make lunch, before I have to catch the bus.

I’ve got all these things I’ve been wanting to write down here, but now I can’t remember most of them. Gah.

Oh, for now I’m kinda on break from Castle age, just not in the mood. I played Lucky Train off and on today, having fun with that game. It’s pretty simple but I get amused seeing all the trains pulling in and getting to pick who rides them.

Oh and I went back to flickr and the photographer had a big pic available for that lovebird, and even let me save the pic (so many pics block you on flickr) so now that pic is my wallpaper on both my comps. I love it!

Oh what else can I talk about? J and I were having a fight about taco shells yesterday, and Boost. No big deal either lol but he’s planning on drinking less Boost so we can use food stamps for other things. I just worry about him getting enough vitamins, right now Boost IS our vitamins. I don’t buyvitamin pills anymore.

Oh work! I was going to write about that. It’s been interesting. I’ve served a few ppl that actually live in my town, so that was cool, and 2 ppl who works at a place that I used to work at. Which makes it easier to find a way to have a conversation.

But then I get home and I think I talked too much. I’m usually a quiet person, not too talkative, but at work I think I go overboard and I need to work on staying on focus. Hopefully I come across as friendly.


4 responses to “Sunday Afternoon W/ Eve Update

  1. You’re right…..that lovebird pic is SO adorable!!!!! Sounds like you’re going to have a hectic week–good luck with it all! Is it just this month that you have to work in Spokane and will you normally be working there where you live?
    Love and hugs, Mom

  2. I love WHAM! and that song, apparently I used to love it as a child

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