I leave for work at 1:10pm. Don’t have to be there till quarter till  3pm, but that’s the way the bus schedule goes. Either leave early or show up too late. On Wed I ate at Taco time for lunch to kill some time, not in the mood for that today, so I haven’t made up my mind what I will do to kill time – maybe just read at the plaza. Or go for a walk in the skywalks.

I’m really glad it’s Friday, will have 2 days in a row where I don’t have to think about going anywhere if I don’t want to. Oh and Wed was super busy at work, I thought that would make the time go faster, but actually I served so many ppl it made the day feel longer. But it is good that I was able to help most of the ppl.

I’ve been reading Sweet Poison and am almost done, started reading A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene and it’s good, will take that one on the bus, (have been), and have been reading a story on Fictionpress by someone with a long user name but one of his stories is called Damnation, Texas, about a western town that has supernatural things going on. I don’t usually like westerns but I like the guy’s writing and characters, and the plot is interesting for each story, except for the one with the lizard man, I had trouble following it. I started another story of his this morning, Yonder City, and wrote down where I left off (his chapters are too long for me to read at once.)

Which makes me wish I was writing something. I haven’t been in a writing mood for a couple of weeks. And I start things that I don’t finish. Really wish I could learn to stay focused on a few things rather than spreading myself too thin. Also when I do try to write (lately), my prose is terrible. Not sure how to improve it.

Sean came over yesterday after an acting job here in town, which was a nice surprise. He wanted to watch the newest Star Trek movie after telling us about the job. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, J had Amy over as well. Long time since I fixed something for 4 ppl. I forgot to give Sean the Christmas ornaments I said he could borrow. Oh and his car needed a jump before he could leave, good thing my car battery was on the left and his on the right, because my jump cables are short.

I got bored with the news last night. So tired of hearing that the rich are going to continue to get their tax cuts. Ugh. Seems like the news is the same every night. I turned it off and did something else, but can’t remember what it was.

Oh, yesterday before Sean came over, I was making a playlist on Youtube of Christmas songs, and I found this song which I absolutely love – it’s a remake of Last Christmas, which is already my fav Christmas song.

Which was making me wish I had an MP3 player so I could listen to it and a few other songs while waiting for the bus, but they are too expensive, even the small ones, for me to bother with right now.

Yesterday I tried watching Friday the 13th the original movie, but it was too stupid. I think I gave up a half hour in. I should have been watching Six Feet under, I still need to watch one more episode.

UPDATE: I just watched Six Feet Under and put it in the mail. About to get dressed for work. I forgot to mention J has been playing Mario Kart Wii more often now, beating my ghosts, wanting me to try beat his ghost, and then races mine again to beat my time, it’s been fun.

Just having coffee and a PBJ sandwich for lunch. I hope I don’t get too hungry later, but nothing really sounded good. And the coffee, I’ve been feeling tired. It’s that time of the month and it’s sapping my energy.

Thinking maybe if I write 3 more chapters of a certain story, and have an outline ready for the future plot, I can post this one story of mine to FP. I don’t want to post it and then never finish it like everything else I post.


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