Day off but busy

I rearranged the pantry closet and put the rest of the food away from Fred Meyer, started the dishes and then went on errands – it was really cold and windy out there. Went to the library, returned books, mailed back Netflix, went to Bimart to check my number, was hoping to win a $250 Bimart giftcard – didn’t, but was one number off from winning a $100 gift card! I was hoping to win and use the gift card to buy necessities in the coming months like soap, TP, shampoo, etc. I’ll try next Tuesday.

Went to Great Clips and dropped off some food that was in my pantry that I didn’t want (they had a food bank barrel there) and then to Safeway to get a few things.

I called DSHS for my food stamps appointment this morning, didn’t get through several times, but when I did I was told we’d only get $192 food stamps a month (about half what we were getting) because J is in college and doesn’t have a job. So he is ineligible to receive food stamps.

So, we’re going to have to stop buying Boost, or buy very little. I’ll have to finally give up my favorite flavored coffee, although I was getting close to having to give it up anyway because the company was getting rid of my favorite flavor anyway and replacing it with a lighter cappuccino flavor.

I’ll also have to spend cash on food when I get my paychecks, I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to, so I could save extra money for a later day. Oh well.

I’m going to have to be pounding the pavement or whatever they call it to get a job when done with my current job.

I also cleaned up my favorites list on my browser, and removed several apps I don’t use on FB anymore (they were telling me I didn’t have room for a bookmark for Mall World, a game I play daily)

Been listening and watching vids on YT on the TV – the Wii internet channel was being lousy though and not finding one of my favorite House fanvids on a search, I tried several dif wordings and finally just made a brand new playlist with Windmill, Windmill, (House) at the top (through my laptop), so I was able to finally reach it on Wii’s YT! It’s a great general fanvid.

To save money, I am considering turning off the long distance on the home phone and just using the Tracfones for that. Haven’t decided yet. Also if I’m going to pay for Tracfone I gotta do it again soon. Also considering turning off the cable, but not quite ready to do that (maybe in the summer)

Speaking of this summer, I might have to move. I don’t want to, but J was saying he might move in with Amy. If they can afford it. The way things are going though, I don’t know what to expect. Amy came over upset that her financial aide was put off for yet another quarter. And then there is the thing about not getting food stamps if you don’t have a job. They were counting on getting food stamps if they were living together. We’ll see.

Then I told Sean and he said I could move in with him, and I will definetly keep that as an option (I had thought they wouldnt’ want me, but remember now he’s used to roomates. I’m kinda hoping I can stay in WA a little longer though. And Cheney, since I hate moving.

I need to do at least one load of laundry today. Don’t want to go out in that wind!

Other news – when we went shopping Sunday, I found a nice coat at Kmart – sort of a green-blue color, has fuzzy lining in parts of the inside, has a hood, has fuzzy pockets, and can zip a partial face cover over me if needed. It was only $34, since it was 50% off. I really needed a new coat, because the fleece one I had been using, the buttons constantly pop open. I was rebuttoning over and over while walking to bus stops. Now I can zip my coat shut again. And if the zipper breaks (what happened to my last winter coat I bought) there are snaps at least. The fleece one will be my emergency coat.

J’s at Amy’s today. Seems we are never home at the same time.

Oh yeah, J bought me a video game at Trade a Game Sunday, it’s Diddy Kong Racing 64 . Because I liked the picture on the back of the box, looked like there was a christmasy looking race track. There is, several of them, and one has a really pretty spot with a huge moon in a night sky and christmas trees and lit up houses in the snow. Game is hard to control though! Played Mario Kart Wii last night after playing the Diddy game, and I was banging into walls constantly because I had forgotten how to steer – diddy game is very haphazard.

I bought J the latest Professor Layton game on the DS for Christmas last week, we’ve both been having fun playing that. Johnathan was weirded out by the plot, now that I know what he’s talking about, I am too (like my mind won’t except it! LOL and it’s just a game)


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