4 day weekend!

Far as I know, I don’t work this Friday so I have a 4 day weekend. Today is day one, and it’s still morning, yay!

I read some of Don’t Close your eyes by Carlene Thompson this morning, then felt the need to switch books (even though it is good) and read about a page of Blasphemy by Douglas Preston before popping onto the computer. I still feel this need to switch books – one of the reasons I usually check out so many books at once.

And I was sitting here wondering if I should allow myself to check out Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged again to read here and there for her prose, or make myself wait till I finish all the books I have like I planned, before checking out new books? Haven’t decided yet. Maybe I should allow myself to have one thick book out at a time. There are several I started from the library and haven’t finished.

I decided to collect rent on Millionaire city and then NOT start new contracts. So yet another game I am taking a break from. Right now the only 3 games I want to play on a daily basis are Lucky Train, Mall World, and My Mad Millions. They give me something to look forward to every day without being too time consuming.

Yesterday at work was not a very good day – not going to say much here but things were not going well. And then because I stayed up to late the night before (obsessively working on a vid, need to learn NOT to do that the night before I work in the morning) I was tired, and I made a stupid mistake at work, and then I felt guilty the rest of the day, and kept wondering how badly I screwed up that woman’s life. Ugh. I hope she will be okay and I still wish I hadn’t made that dumb mistake.

I’m still tired! Partially since I made myself get up at 8am when I didn’t have to (didn’t want to lose any of my morning on my day off)

Going to read again soon, and later must work on cleaning up the kitchen and want to make some more of that homemade candy. We have errands to run today when J gets up. Really glad he’ll be home today, seems like we are never home at the same time anymore (he goes to Amy’s or Plasma center when I am home. Or Amy comes over and they hide in his room)

Speaking of My Mad millions, not only do I get to pick interesting adventures for myself, I get to have a fake stock portfolio and actually all the stocks I picked are doing really well. You’re supposed to be losing money in that game, but I still like to see my stocks doing well. And also I’ve been enjoying betting on Football teams and seeing the results later. (nope, I don’t watch the games, just check back to see if I won or not.) We’re allowed 2 trades a day in the stock market, and 2 bets a day on the sports teams.

Too tired to think, going to read a little longer.


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