Weird dream – well all dreams are weird

I wanted to write this dream down because it’s still standing out to me and I’ve been awake for more than a half hour.

In the dream, Grandma F. was coming over for a visit. (she passed away this summer). She was flying in to see me and my mom, and for some reason we’re not in MT or WA, we’re in Vancouver, BC. The reason I know this is because Kaitlyn, who lives in Vancouver, BC, was offering to give Grandma a room in a boarding type house that was across the street from where Mom and I are staying. A room comes empty and I’m checking it out, getting excited for Grandma to stay there. Later though, we see some guy has checked in and is hanging up all his business suits.

So, we’re trying to figure out where Grandma is going to stay. This is where it get really weird. I get this phone call on my tracfone – not Mom but me, from the daycare that Lee usually goes to in the morning that is state run. Lee in the dream is a baby. So I’m first trying to ask if they can call me back on my mom’s cell, because my tracfone is limited on minutes and they keep putting me on hold. Mom doesn’t want me to because she’s waiting for an important call. So I tell the state-run daycare never mind. So I’m trying to explain to them that Lee isn’t showing up to daycare in the morning because his dad doesn’t wake up in time to take him in the morning. And I’m hoping they aren’t thinking that we’ve left Lee with someone unfit to watch him (his own father). And then I’m having to explain how we’re on a trip and didn’t bring him blah blah blah. Then I ask if I can take another call (Tracfones don’t let you take another call) and it’s about how there might be a room for Grandma after all at this place. So we try to arrange that, Kaitlyn had been thinking there would be a room for her at the boarding house. I go back to the call from daycare and it’s musack playing so I hang up, figuring they will call me back if they need to talk to me.

We go inside the boarding house and there is a sign at the front door saying it’s a place for unusual people (that’s not exactly what it said but that’s the gist of it). I’m wondering if Grandma could even be considered unusual. We’re inside about to look upstairs, and climb these ugly, red carpeted stairs that look like they have been there since decades ago, and I’m wondering why are we having Grandma stay at such a shoddy place, when there are nicer motels in town?

So I don’t remember much after that. And btw, I barely know this Kaitlyn, and wouldn’t have her phone number. She was our tour guide when I was in Vancouver BC. And my Tracfone wouldn’t work in Canada.Β  And I’m still confused why baby Lee was my responsibility to explain at the moment, and not Mom’s.Β  Or why he was a baby, I was definitely an adult in this dream.


One response to “Weird dream – well all dreams are weird

  1. That’s a really neat dream….very weird and interesting! I have read that going up stairs means going up in consciousness/higher self and going down the opposite. I had a weird dream myself recently with both Grandma and Grandpa in it. I picked Grandma up and stopped for a while at this house where Grandpa lived. They both looked about 15 plus years younger, but Grandma wasn’t feeling well. It was almost like they lived in two different houses, although it seemed more like maybe they were living in separate houses. While at the first house….never made it to the second one….I wanted to make Grandma something to eat and Grandpa disappeared for a while from the dream. I kept wandering through lots of rooms, and all of them had one or more huge very old refrigerators…like from the 50’s or 60’s. Most were somewhat empty, but I was seeing remnants of food lying around on the counters and tables. Tons of little details all in vivid color. I finally decided to make her a bacon and tomato sandwich, as I couldn’t find any lettuce or anything else to eat. One lower drawer of one of the fridges had a package of fresh chicken breasts, dated for sell by: 11/17/10, so I thought “Sean’s birthday” and it was current time in the dream…nearly mid-Dec. I thought, wow, they look pretty good, smell OK, but they should be old, so didn’t want to feed them to Grandma for that reason. Grandpa came back, and we talked a bit, then I woke up…..never got to cook her anything afterall. πŸ™‚ It was interesting to me that Grandpa was walking around talking more, but Grandma was in a wheel chair and not talking much. Oh, and Grandpa also looked stretched out, so taller than he used to be.

    Have you had other interesting, colorful, super detailed dreams lately? My dreams have been more that way. Dad and I went through a long period where neither one of us seemed to be dreaming or remembering any, then I started to dream again, and after a bit they got like that. When I wake up now, it feels like I’ve left one reality for another one.

    Enjoy the rest of your time off! Sorry about that bad day you had at work last week. Hopefully there won’t be any consequences for the lady concerned, etc. You’ll have to follow your own advice and go to bed earlier before a work day, huh? πŸ™‚

    I did send you a BD gift yesterday–something I made for you. Cards are inside the package, too.

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