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Expecting a refund

I filed my taxes yesterday. I finally got my other W-2. I’m getting a better refund than I thought because I made more at my other job than I thought and had more withholding. I’d like to be able to fix the car as soon as I get it, but worried about having rent money when my current job ends, so will probably force myself to wait until I have another job.

Wrote a little bit on my OITO fic again, want to be able to post the last chapter but with so little free time in the day, I tend to do more relaxing things when I am home or more necessary things like laundry, cooking, whatever. I have something to eat at work today, left over pizza that our boss had delivered for us on Saturday.

I won’t have a day off until the 3rd week of Feb, and that is at the end. Hopefully all goes well, no one gets sick and I don’t lose my two days off. It will feel like a vacation.

It’s sunny here and I like it. Glad we haven’t seen snow in a while it can stay that way.

I played some Etrian Odyssey III this morning and am enjoying mapping the 4th Stratum. And trying to figure out how to escape certain monsters.

I had a difficult day at work Friday, and that’s all I’m going to say about it here. I feel nervous about today, even though the past two days went fine. I hope it’s only nerves. And not anticipation for something difficult.

I watched Castle S1 Disk 1 this weekend and it’s an okay show. Not sure I will rent it again anytime soon. Maybe. I still am watching Six Feet Under and soon going to try Merlin Season 2. And I barely have time to watch TV as it is. Castle the character, he flirts too much for my taste, and it makes no sense that he would constantly be allowed to tag along with that police lady. Shouldn’t he be at home writing? The mysteries are interesting enough, but do not have any element of surprise, so no twists, I can usually tell who did it early on. I prefer Medium and Dexter. Medium – you can be surprised at the very end of the episode, over and over. The writing is excellent. Several twists. Dexter – you are on the edge of your seat pretty much the whole season and usually each ep something comes up that I didn’t expect.

A couple of weeks ago when I actually had a day off, I went into Spokane on the bus and met up with Patty first and then Tracy. Patty fed me lentil soup and garlic bread, and I got to meet her shy new cockatiel. He didn’t want to come out to see me. Tracy took me to a nice Chinese restaraunt and ordered me two dishes, because she didn’t feel well and didn’t want to eat much. Their kung pao tofu was very yummy and I also ordered chow mein but they served me lo mein. I ate some and gave the rest to J at home. Tracy also took me to Fred meyer and drove me home, that was really nice. She said she can take me to Fred Meyer again if need be.



Man I’m tired. I want a day off. Not going to get one. Oh did I mention I found out we suddenly have to work till 10pm now the 2nd week of Feb? I thought 9pm was bad enough. I’ll be missing Supernatural if I work till 10pm. Will ask if I can keep from working late at least that night.

I wanted to write chapter 4 of my OITO fic this morning, but I’m just being lazy hanging out at LJ, FB & Deviant Art. I should try to write something now.

I’m still not calling Sallie Mae. Not looking forward to it. Probably will force myself tomorrow morning when I am in the middle of paying rent & credit card (it’s payday) I did pay two bills today, got them ready to stick in the mail. I really should stop using Credo for long distance. It’s costing me $15 a month now when it used to be more like $8 and I barely make long distance calls. I might call Centurylink (who has my reg phone and internet) to see how much long distance would jack up the bill. If it’s less than $15 it’s worth it,  and will save me a stamp as well.

Friday isn’t here soon enough, I keep thinking THIS is Friday, I want to see the new Supernatural!

Gotta walk to the store

I almost had my boss drop me off at Safeway last night but I was too tired plus back was hurting. Didn’t want to have to walk home with a heavy bag of groceries then. I gotta force myself to go over this morning, I want to write on my OITO fic though before I have to go to work. Work at 3pm today, then earlier the next several days.

Yesterday after work I watched Bones on Hulu, and the news on Krem 2 before that (10pm news). It was weird that a restaraunt named Dinner Bell burned down. Reminded me of Wausau.

Got to see Annabelle, Sean, and Sam yesterday! Annabelle’s so sweet and pretty. got to kiss that sweet little head of hers several times. I tooks some pics gotta post them to FB soon. Didn’t get to hold her as much as I would have liked, got fussy with me, but that is okay it was still great to see her. I made Tombstone pizza when they were here and J said later when I got home from work, “I see you and the baby had a whole pizza to yourselves” I said yeah LOL. I got to see her smile a few times while Sean was talking to her. AWWW.

Annabelle is coming!

Little Annabelle is coming I can’t wait to see her! She’ll be here in less than an hour, been doing a little cleaning but probably not enough. I wish I had something better to offer them for lunch, all I have is Tombstone cheese pizzas.

More later, better go clean. Oh and tomorrow I have to remember to call Sallie Mae. For some reason they only gave me a defferment for 3 months. I thought it would last a year.

I finished The Mirror and The Mask yesterday.

Joined Deviant Art

I joined Deviant art today so I can fav several Dean/Castiel art pics, there are several good ones there. Using the same name there as here, but if you’re not into Dean/Castiel I wouldn’t look at my favorites list as there is lots of huggy goodness. LOL.

I still can’t believe I don’t get a day off this week – or next week, or next week! Not sure about the following week. I’m afraid to look. Work was really busy yesterday, and today I have to stay till 9pm, well every day I go in I have to stay till 9pm now, the time I show up varies. Today I go in at 3:30pm a little early to take care of some stuff before I have appts. It is going to be WEIRD staying till 9pm! I miss the days when we closed at 7pm (last year) lately we’ve been open till 8pm except weekends, starting next weekend though I think it’s till 9pm.

I’m uploading some of my old art to Deviant art now. Like my drawing of Janeway, watercolor of Bart Simpson, a Tara buddha pic, maybe more.

Hmm what have I been up to? Well, been writing on a new fic, OITO, played some Mario Kart Wii online last night, I wrote back to several ppl this morning that I owed an email to, still need to write to mom.  Even wrote on my gen fic Bobby’s house, but haven’t posted that chapter yet.

Remembered to mail J’s medical application. For renewal of free health insurance. Finally finished my disc of Six Feet Under, also got to see Ghost Hunters recently. Going to try Castle next on Netflix.

Almost done with The Mirror and The Mask by Ellen Hart. Will work on Final Breath by Kevin O’Brien  next, then Castaways by Brian Keene. I have to stop checking out library books for awhile after these, because of not using my car. But I have several books I owned saved up for reading, including Master of the Game, Blasphemy, Boy’s Life, Fatal Cure, and more.

I did some cleaning on Saturday. I am sitting here wondering what I will bring myself to eat to work night after night. I have no clue.

Day off?

I haven’t written in here for a long time, and I’m going to keep it short. Today’s supposed to be my day off, but I was asked to do some work (not at the office) today and even possibly tomorrow, my other day off (and I have to go to Spokane on the bus tomorrow so I don’t consider it a ‘real’ day off. Plus last week, I had to work on one of my days off) Then, starting Friday, I will have no days off for 3-4 weeks (so will the boss).

Almost done reading Brain by Robin Cook. Been reading Final Breath by Kevin O’Brien too. Wishing I could write fanfiction, but I can’t seem to write anything good. Been reading several very good fanfictions (Supernatural) by other writers.

I did get my MP3 player, last week I think, and it’s really  nice. I want to write a review about it sometime. I’ve been having fun with it. I also got Corel, and I have ideas for about 3 vids I want to do now, but it’s just too slow on this comp.

Been watching Six Feet Under and Noah’s Arc (no it’s not religious) via Netflix here and there. Found out there is a new Criminal minds tonight, yay!

I can’t remember at all if I mentioned that I’m not driving my car anymore atm. The power steering went out, which I found out with an estimator online could take about $400-$650 to fix, and that’s on top of the other repairs it already needs. So not driving it till I’m ready to take it to the mechanic.  I walk to work, we have to walk to to the store and back, etc. One night J and I walked to the store and each carried two heavy bags home. His were heavier than mine. At least I could do it, I couldn’t carry heavy bags even from the car to the apt for years. Plus we were both doing laundry that night. Two loads apiece. Had a back ache but not bad, and it was all gone in the morning.

I’ve been wanting to get an updated comp for Corel too but that’s going to be expensive. I need to find a real job later so I can spend money on things I want/need again.

Oh and the last couple days had been rough, well not so much yesterday but before that, I made a mistake at work and had to own up to it, still not sure if it will be resolved, but anyway I was feeling terrible Monday night. But still not as terrible as I could be (considering past times I felt terrible)

Last night though I didn’t really have to face it head on, and then at home later I got to read two of my favorite fanfictions lately, so that made my night.

Can’t decide if I should get the work done early or later. It’s icy out, so not completely sure I’m going to do it today (have to do it outside)

Carless for now

I don’t want to be carless, but I am. The car is still parked in the parking lot, but the next time I take it out it will be to the mechanic. And I don’t know when that will be, since my job is temporary, and I don’t feel comfortable atm paying for all the repairs the car now needs – I think I’m looking at $600 + $500 + $500 for the 3 repairs at the moment and those are the ones I know about.

Work is going okay, still trying to get used to working almost every day. I won’t have a day off until Wed. We didn’t get any groceries while the car was still running, so we’ll have to walk sometime soon. Probably will have to wait till my day off so I have the time and energy. It’s going to be really hard to get errands done during our busy time at work, which is coming soon.

Book update: been reading Kevin O’Brien’s Final Breath, still trying to finish Brain by Robin Cook, want to check out the Mirror and the Mask again but need to time that well since I can’t use the car to pick it up and would have to use the bus.

Gonna find something to eat. I’m doing laundry before I have to go to work today.

Slept in late!

Argh I slept in really late on my “sort of” day off, I have the day off, but have to work at the meeting tonight. Then tomorrow a 9 hour shift that starts in the morning. Will have to make sure I set 2 alarms.

I lost several hours of my day. Wanted to get up at 7:30am and got up at 10:45am. ERGH.

I was realizing yesterday that am a terrible actor. I knew this already, but when I actually try I’m really bad. I’m dreading tonight. Seriously.

Also I wanted to share a thought I’ve had recently. That I feel somewhat guilty, well I don’t know if guilty is the word, but bad, that I’m doing okay when other people are going through a really rough time.  Last night on the news I was hearing about a REALLY rough time someone was going through, something you usually only see in some tragic movie. I felt terrible for those 2 ppl and when people ask me how I’m doing, I’m doing fine, but I think of those 2 and how they aren’t doing fine at all.

I got an email that my MP3 player has been mailed! I’m so excited to get it.

Also got an email from saying we have a new ep of Medium tomorrow night. Yay! I like Sidereel, they send  you emails when your shows are going to have new episodes. I love it.

J came home early and is playing Donkey Kong Returns trying to get gold on the time trials.

Late night meetings

Well came home from the 2nd late night meeting for work out of town. This time my boss gave me a ride more than halfway so that was really nice. Saved me wear and tear on my car.  Plus I get so nervous driving in the winter at night at high speeds, so afraid of black ice.

We were under scrutiny tonight but for a good cause, to find ways we can improve. We were doing role playing to prepare us for the job. We have to do it again tomorrow night, and I wish I was better at explaining some things… that’s all I’m going to say.

I tried vidding today before the meeting…wanting to do some cool special effects on Corel, but this comp is just to slow to see how the clip will turn out unless I render it, and it’s ridiculous to keep rendering for one little adjustment. I need a faster comp!

You know what I really need though? A new vacuum! Ours died today. I knocked a plant over yesterday on the way to work, and tried to vacuum it this morning, hose is dead and then it completely died altogether. At least it waited until I got most of the dirt.

I want to blog more thoughts but I’m tired. So nighty night.

Oh yeah, the mystery I’m reading, The Mirror and the Mask, by Ellen Hart, is getting really good. But it’s due on the 7th and I’ve used all my renewals. Hopefully can check it right back out.

MP3 on it’s way

I decided to buy the Coby 8GB MP3 player from Amazon. I’m definitely writing a review there once I get it, since no one has yet. Someone needs to review it. Bimart didn’t help  me any, they only could show me the cheap version in a package.  So I’ll be hoping this player does what I need, as in allow me to have playlists for songs, watch YT I put on it, and store text stories from FFN and FP.  Going to go save some now on txt documents so I’m ready! Also, hoping audio books work okay on it, and they send me headphones. Amazon wasn’t clear on that.

I had to borrow money for myself from one of my savings accounts. So I owe myself $59.