Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011 Pictures, Images and Photos
I don’t think I’ve updated for awhile. Partially because I recently downloaded the free trial version of Corel Video Studio Pro and got obsessed with making a couple of vids. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to by the half priced copy at Amazon, normally 100 bucks and down to 50.

I’ve also been considering buying myself an MP3 player, but can’t make myself buy it either, mainly because of money, but also because I don’t really need it, I just want it. First I thought I wanted the Creative Zen, but they were misadvertising what a 2GB player could do (J told me) and for the size I need, they are too expensive. Plus other things reviewers were saying made me look elsewhere. It has a sleek looking interface though.

Then I was looking at something else, I think it was a Sansa, but someone said the video quality was not good, and one of the main reasons I want an MP3 player is so I can watch my favorite YT videos whenever.

Then I was looking at a Sony Walkman, specifically one like this:


The userface is rather boring, but it seems to have good video playback (nice crisp screen, and you can make the screen wider by watching it sideways. I also like how there are speakers, so if you lose or break the headphones, you can still use the MP3 player. You can use the radio on it, and then if a song you like comes on, record it. This version holds enough video room and song room to keep me happy. It’s almost $100, so putting it off.

Yesterday we played Donkey Kong Country Returns A LOT for our New Year’s ritual. I was playing some of the Volcano (last world) levels right before midnight. We were alternating between playing Donkey Kong and Professor Layton on the Nintendo DS. I was playing the newest game, the 3rd one, Unwound Future, and J was playing the 1st one again.

Another thing, we started watching Undercover Boss on Instant Netflix on the 30th. We watched 3 episodes. It’s pretty good.

I REALLY need to get some cleaning done today. Like really really badly. Gonna start here in a minute.

Tuesday I start work here in town, and the first week I technically have to work 7 days in a row, because I have to show up to 3 hour meetings out of town on my days off (looks like my days off will be Wed & Thurs)

I finished Ice Cold, by Tess Gerritsen, it was good! I really recommend her stuff. I changed the Books 2010 on my blog to Books 2011 and added her book on the list, even though I read most of it in 2010, I finished it in 2011, so that’s when I list it. I was going to erase all of 2010’s books but then thought, why do that when I can have it under the current list? So it’s still there.

Alright now to clean. Fun times.


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