Monday – and tomorrow WORK

My last day off of my 5 day weekend and then work tomorrow, which will last about 7 days until I get another day off, because of mandatory meetings on my days off this week.

Looking at the work schedule online and a couple things look off, will have to call the boss to find out what’s going on when I am done with this.

No longer thinking of getting the Sony Walkman, decided the userface was too boring, so started looking at other stuff yesterday, in fact looked for a long time online, now I’m considering a Coby Mp767 without the camera, but I can’t find any reviews or even YT reviews, and I’d like to know how well it works first. Might go to Bimart to see if I can try one out or at least one simular to it. I went to Bimart yesterday and they had the cheapest looking Coby which I do not want, and also a touchscreen Coby, not sure I’d want that because I’d be getting fingerprints all over the screen.

I was naughty at the library, and checked out 2 books even though I only returned one! One I checked out was Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon, and I started thinking I’d read it before, and looked through my lists, and found out I did read it in 2007. The other book I checked out was another Brian Keene, Castaways. I’m currently reading Brain, a Robin Cook that I got at the library book sale this summer. It’s OLD as in people type on a typewriter at their jobs and doctors smoke in the cafeteria. LOL!

I might go to the used bookstore in town today to see if they have a Sidney Sheldon book the library doesn’t have. I have plenty of paperbacks I can bring in to use for credit.

Today was J’s first day back to school, it’s Winter Quarter now. I’ll need to take him to the bank to cash his financial aide check when he gets home. He starts his day early just like last quarter, has to be there in Spokane at 8:30am.

Did I mention that I really needed a new calendar, and found 2 identical calendars in my junk mail? That was really nice, I had almost gone and bought myself one! So now one is hanging next to comp desk and the other in the kitchen.

I bought the Corel Video Studio Pro X3 on amazon last night from a seller who has 100% good feedback. It’s saving me $25 to buy it without the box, still brand new. So I would have been paying $50 plus tax, but instead paying $24.99 plus $3.99 shipping, and no tax because it’s coming from CA.

Going to try to get some more cleaning done today so I don’t have to face it during my long work week.

Yesterday when I was at the library, I downloaded puzzles for all three of our Professor Layton Games. Had to do it at the library because the Nintendo DS doesn’t like our secured wireless connection, and we can’t figure out a way to type in our password so we can use it at home.

So, I came home with these new puzzles, and I tried some and got stuck, but then one came up that was a trick question, and knew the answer right away. Later, J was trying it, and he finally said, “I don’t get this!” I have to say I was amused that I was able to figure out a puzzle right away while he got stuck! Usually he’s the brilliant one.

I decided I HAVE to keep buying Boost. Even though it’s expensive. and we were planning on cutting down because our food stamps got cut in half, I really think the days I don’t drink it are effecting me. They are my vitamins. The past several days, I felt super tired in the afternoon, needed a nap, and I remember one of the days I was watching the Professor Layton movie J got on the laptop but just couldn’t keep my eyes open. (it was a pretty good movie, just as weird as the game). Yesterday I drank a Boost in the morning, and realized later I didn’t need a nap all day. So I drank one today too. Need to buy more while out running errands.

I started the dishes, and was thinking of listening to music while I did. Well, I couldn’t think of ANY of my old music I wanted to listen to. And here I am thinking of buying an MP3 player! Seriously, I don’t like enough music. So, I’m listening to my YT list on the laptop of favorite video game songs. Sad that the only music I want to listen to is video game songs! Oh and the few new songs that I have in my car. That’s it.


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