Late night meetings

Well came home from the 2nd late night meeting for work out of town. This time my boss gave me a ride more than halfway so that was really nice. Saved me wear and tear on my car.  Plus I get so nervous driving in the winter at night at high speeds, so afraid of black ice.

We were under scrutiny tonight but for a good cause, to find ways we can improve. We were doing role playing to prepare us for the job. We have to do it again tomorrow night, and I wish I was better at explaining some things… that’s all I’m going to say.

I tried vidding today before the meeting…wanting to do some cool special effects on Corel, but this comp is just to slow to see how the clip will turn out unless I render it, and it’s ridiculous to keep rendering for one little adjustment. I need a faster comp!

You know what I really need though? A new vacuum! Ours died today. I knocked a plant over yesterday on the way to work, and tried to vacuum it this morning, hose is dead and then it completely died altogether. At least it waited until I got most of the dirt.

I want to blog more thoughts but I’m tired. So nighty night.

Oh yeah, the mystery I’m reading, The Mirror and the Mask, by Ellen Hart, is getting really good. But it’s due on the 7th and I’ve used all my renewals. Hopefully can check it right back out.


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