Slept in late!

Argh I slept in really late on my “sort of” day off, I have the day off, but have to work at the meeting tonight. Then tomorrow a 9 hour shift that starts in the morning. Will have to make sure I set 2 alarms.

I lost several hours of my day. Wanted to get up at 7:30am and got up at 10:45am. ERGH.

I was realizing yesterday that am a terrible actor. I knew this already, but when I actually try I’m really bad. I’m dreading tonight. Seriously.

Also I wanted to share a thought I’ve had recently. That I feel somewhat guilty, well I don’t know if guilty is the word, but bad, that I’m doing okay when other people are going through a really rough time.  Last night on the news I was hearing about a REALLY rough time someone was going through, something you usually only see in some tragic movie. I felt terrible for those 2 ppl and when people ask me how I’m doing, I’m doing fine, but I think of those 2 and how they aren’t doing fine at all.

I got an email that my MP3 player has been mailed! I’m so excited to get it.

Also got an email from saying we have a new ep of Medium tomorrow night. Yay! I like Sidereel, they send  you emails when your shows are going to have new episodes. I love it.

J came home early and is playing Donkey Kong Returns trying to get gold on the time trials.


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