Day off?

I haven’t written in here for a long time, and I’m going to keep it short. Today’s supposed to be my day off, but I was asked to do some work (not at the office) today and even possibly tomorrow, my other day off (and I have to go to Spokane on the bus tomorrow so I don’t consider it a ‘real’ day off. Plus last week, I had to work on one of my days off) Then, starting Friday, I will have no days off for 3-4 weeks (so will the boss).

Almost done reading Brain by Robin Cook. Been reading Final Breath by Kevin O’Brien too. Wishing I could write fanfiction, but I can’t seem to write anything good. Been reading several very good fanfictions (Supernatural) by other writers.

I did get my MP3 player, last week I think, and it’s really  nice. I want to write a review about it sometime. I’ve been having fun with it. I also got Corel, and I have ideas for about 3 vids I want to do now, but it’s just too slow on this comp.

Been watching Six Feet Under and Noah’s Arc (no it’s not religious) via Netflix here and there. Found out there is a new Criminal minds tonight, yay!

I can’t remember at all if I mentioned that I’m not driving my car anymore atm. The power steering went out, which I found out with an estimator online could take about $400-$650 to fix, and that’s on top of the other repairs it already needs. So not driving it till I’m ready to take it to the mechanic.  I walk to work, we have to walk to to the store and back, etc. One night J and I walked to the store and each carried two heavy bags home. His were heavier than mine. At least I could do it, I couldn’t carry heavy bags even from the car to the apt for years. Plus we were both doing laundry that night. Two loads apiece. Had a back ache but not bad, and it was all gone in the morning.

I’ve been wanting to get an updated comp for Corel too but that’s going to be expensive. I need to find a real job later so I can spend money on things I want/need again.

Oh and the last couple days had been rough, well not so much yesterday but before that, I made a mistake at work and had to own up to it, still not sure if it will be resolved, but anyway I was feeling terrible Monday night. But still not as terrible as I could be (considering past times I felt terrible)

Last night though I didn’t really have to face it head on, and then at home later I got to read two of my favorite fanfictions lately, so that made my night.

Can’t decide if I should get the work done early or later. It’s icy out, so not completely sure I’m going to do it today (have to do it outside)


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