Joined Deviant Art

I joined Deviant art today so I can fav several Dean/Castiel art pics, there are several good ones there. Using the same name there as here, but if you’re not into Dean/Castiel I wouldn’t look at my favorites list as there is lots of huggy goodness. LOL.

I still can’t believe I don’t get a day off this week – or next week, or next week! Not sure about the following week. I’m afraid to look. Work was really busy yesterday, and today I have to stay till 9pm, well every day I go in I have to stay till 9pm now, the time I show up varies. Today I go in at 3:30pm a little early to take care of some stuff before I have appts. It is going to be WEIRD staying till 9pm! I miss the days when we closed at 7pm (last year) lately we’ve been open till 8pm except weekends, starting next weekend though I think it’s till 9pm.

I’m uploading some of my old art to Deviant art now. Like my drawing of Janeway, watercolor of Bart Simpson, a Tara buddha pic, maybe more.

Hmm what have I been up to? Well, been writing on a new fic, OITO, played some Mario Kart Wii online last night, I wrote back to several ppl this morning that I owed an email to, still need to write to mom.  Even wrote on my gen fic Bobby’s house, but haven’t posted that chapter yet.

Remembered to mail J’s medical application. For renewal of free health insurance. Finally finished my disc of Six Feet Under, also got to see Ghost Hunters recently. Going to try Castle next on Netflix.

Almost done with The Mirror and The Mask by Ellen Hart. Will work on Final Breath by Kevin O’Brien  next, then Castaways by Brian Keene. I have to stop checking out library books for awhile after these, because of not using my car. But I have several books I owned saved up for reading, including Master of the Game, Blasphemy, Boy’s Life, Fatal Cure, and more.

I did some cleaning on Saturday. I am sitting here wondering what I will bring myself to eat to work night after night. I have no clue.


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