Gotta walk to the store

I almost had my boss drop me off at Safeway last night but I was too tired plus back was hurting. Didn’t want to have to walk home with a heavy bag of groceries then. I gotta force myself to go over this morning, I want to write on my OITO fic though before I have to go to work. Work at 3pm today, then earlier the next several days.

Yesterday after work I watched Bones on Hulu, and the news on Krem 2 before that (10pm news). It was weird that a restaraunt named Dinner Bell burned down. Reminded me of Wausau.

Got to see Annabelle, Sean, and Sam yesterday! Annabelle’s so sweet and pretty. got to kiss that sweet little head of hers several times. I tooks some pics gotta post them to FB soon. Didn’t get to hold her as much as I would have liked, got fussy with me, but that is okay it was still great to see her. I made Tombstone pizza when they were here and J said later when I got home from work, “I see you and the baby had a whole pizza to yourselves” I said yeah LOL. I got to see her smile a few times while Sean was talking to her. AWWW.


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