Man I’m tired. I want a day off. Not going to get one. Oh did I mention I found out we suddenly have to work till 10pm now the 2nd week of Feb? I thought 9pm was bad enough. I’ll be missing Supernatural if I work till 10pm. Will ask if I can keep from working late at least that night.

I wanted to write chapter 4 of my OITO fic this morning, but I’m just being lazy hanging out at LJ, FB & Deviant Art. I should try to write something now.

I’m still not calling Sallie Mae. Not looking forward to it. Probably will force myself tomorrow morning when I am in the middle of paying rent & credit card (it’s payday) I did pay two bills today, got them ready to stick in the mail. I really should stop using Credo for long distance. It’s costing me $15 a month now when it used to be more like $8 and I barely make long distance calls. I might call Centurylink (who has my reg phone and internet) to see how much long distance would jack up the bill. If it’s less than $15 it’s worth it,  and will save me a stamp as well.

Friday isn’t here soon enough, I keep thinking THIS is Friday, I want to see the new Supernatural!


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