Expecting a refund

I filed my taxes yesterday. I finally got my other W-2. I’m getting a better refund than I thought because I made more at my other job than I thought and had more withholding. I’d like to be able to fix the car as soon as I get it, but worried about having rent money when my current job ends, so will probably force myself to wait until I have another job.

Wrote a little bit on my OITO fic again, want to be able to post the last chapter but with so little free time in the day, I tend to do more relaxing things when I am home or more necessary things like laundry, cooking, whatever. I have something to eat at work today, left over pizza that our boss had delivered for us on Saturday.

I won’t have a day off until the 3rd week of Feb, and that is at the end. Hopefully all goes well, no one gets sick and I don’t lose my two days off. It will feel like a vacation.

It’s sunny here and I like it. Glad we haven’t seen snow in a while it can stay that way.

I played some Etrian Odyssey III this morning and am enjoying mapping the 4th Stratum. And trying to figure out how to escape certain monsters.

I had a difficult day at work Friday, and that’s all I’m going to say about it here. I feel nervous about today, even though the past two days went fine. I hope it’s only nerves. And not anticipation for something difficult.

I watched Castle S1 Disk 1 this weekend and it’s an okay show. Not sure I will rent it again anytime soon. Maybe. I still am watching Six Feet Under and soon going to try Merlin Season 2. And I barely have time to watch TV as it is. Castle the character, he flirts too much for my taste, and it makes no sense that he would constantly be allowed to tag along with that police lady. Shouldn’t he be at home writing? The mysteries are interesting enough, but do not have any element of surprise, so no twists, I can usually tell who did it early on. I prefer Medium and Dexter. Medium – you can be surprised at the very end of the episode, over and over. The writing is excellent. Several twists. Dexter – you are on the edge of your seat pretty much the whole season and usually each ep something comes up that I didn’t expect.

A couple of weeks ago when I actually had a day off, I went into Spokane on the bus and met up with Patty first and then Tracy. Patty fed me lentil soup and garlic bread, and I got to meet her shy new cockatiel. He didn’t want to come out to see me. Tracy took me to a nice Chinese restaraunt and ordered me two dishes, because she didn’t feel well and didn’t want to eat much. Their kung pao tofu was very yummy and I also ordered chow mein but they served me lo mein. I ate some and gave the rest to J at home. Tracy also took me to Fred meyer and drove me home, that was really nice. She said she can take me to Fred Meyer again if need be.


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