So very tired…

Agh I want a day off so bad. Can’t even comprehend how I will go another 9 days without a day off. I envy you ppl without a job but yet have financial security, HARD. I want to be you.

Last night J made me finish his FASFA with him. I was tired and not feeling good but we did it. I seem to be getting a cold. Last night we were supposed to be there till 10pm but boss let us leave at 9pm, thank goodness cos all I could think about was getting home to a hot bath and orange juice. I had the chills at work.

I got my tax return early! It’s supposed to show up on Fridays but IRS must have put it in my bank Friday the 4th and then my bank held it for the weekend. But still that was very fast, it took less than a week for the IRS to process it.

And getting the refund on Monday, the timing was perfect. I thought I was going to have to use both checking accts to pay for it, or use one and then credit card. But because I got my refund, I was able to pay the $256 with my main debit card. YAY!

I fixed ONLY the power steering in my car. I was hoping it was a $50 fix, like the mechanic said it might be, but $250 isn’t bad when I thought it was the rack and that would have been $600 (the reason I put it off, plus I had no money. So I still need to fix the motor mounts and some other thing. But it is nice being able to drive it to the store again. We really needed that. I went to Safeway briefly yesterday.

Haven’t been able to write creatively, when I try nothing good comes out. If I had some days off it would probably be easier.

I finished Final Breath, it was good. Now reading Castaways by Brian Keene, it is also good. About Surviors type reality show contestants who end up in a bad situation (it’s horror). I’ve never cared for Survivors but this is good.

I tried Nurse Jackie on Netflix and it’s something I think I can watch again. I don’t think I would like Nurse Jackie the person in real life. But she makes an intriguing character. I also tried Castle, but I just can’t see myself getting attached to those characters at all. So I am renting NJ again, don’t know about Castle. Ghost Hunters is coming next, Merlin S2 is still on Very Long Wait in my Q.

Been playing Etrian Odyssey III at times like this morning, just to veg out.


One response to “So very tired…

  1. Sure hope you don’t get too sick. I feel so bad for you having to work every day like you do, but at least now with your car fixed well enough to do local errands and get to work, that should help. Do you work every day there in town, or do you sometimes have to go to Spokane? Weird to see you need to replace your motor mounts…we just had that problem, too! The last time we were in town…two weeks ago…the idle was a bit high at first, then while Dad was doing some errands, it got worse….until the mounts…both motor and transmission…broke, and the fan hit the radiator and wrecked it. He had it towed, took a while to fix, and cost $798!!!! We didn’t have that kind of money, but very generously Lee and Missy offered to lend it to us as they were expecting their tax refund that Friday…and it was on time…glad yours was early. I got Tirerama to hold my check until Monday just in case…so it all worked out OK. With the delays…we had planned on spending two nights in town only…I stayed an extra night at L’s and M’s…..but Dad also got a big break and got a ride from the guy who lives near Denny’s place. I’ve been reading lately, that this has been a time to get dumped on with big challenges…but they would work out OK…and things will get better. Sure hope so for all of us. I’ll have to take the Jeep back, though, as the fan belt’s not right…started making lots of noise as I was leaving town. Looks like we’ll probably be there Thursday, the 10th….is there a good time for me to give you a quick call so you can sing to me? 🙂 Otherwise, the usual little FB note is just fine. Love and hugs to you guys!

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