Hello WordPress blog

I have not been here for a long time. I want to get back in the habit of blogging again. I also want to try and set some goals for myself and see if I can stick to them. Which I usually don’t, unfortunately. More about that later, running out of time. Have to go to work in an hour, and I want to read before I have to get ready.

Recent stuff – I lately only play about 3 games at FB now, sometimes only 2. Lucky Train and the greenhouse game and sometimes CA. The greenhouse game always makes me think of Mom 🙂 I’m always growing pretty plants and trying to hybrid new plants.

We bought a new laptop cord on amazon which is supposed to be universal but it doesn’t work with ours. Luckily our cord has been behaving the past few days. Also bought a racing game called blur for xbox, it’s pretty cool! More on that later. Another recent amazon purchase, my new Sketchers shoes which were much cheaper than buying at Fred Meyer. FM wanted 55-60 for a pair, and that was on sale. I got mine for 34 plus tax on amazon.

I made a new D/C video yesterday, well finished one so I feel accomplished on that.

Been reading a lot of books lately, want to post soon about my list. gonna go now so I can read  a little before I have to go to work.


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