In the middle of chores

I want to start updating my blog more. And I want to start making goals again and sticking to them.  I was trying to stay away from my new FB game CSI Crime City but I’m letting myself go to it right now. I have been doing a bunch of cleaning and also read some of my library books.

I bought a new vacuum yesterday after work. It’s bright yellow and it has a nice strong motor. My floor is now very clean! Poor J had a bad time putting it together though. I hope it now stays in place. At first when I tried to vacuum it was falling apart.

I swept and mopped the kitchen floor, I started the dishes, wiped all the counters in the kitchen, and obviously vacuumed the living room. I also did two loads of laundry and put most of that away. Still need to finish the dishes and clean off the kitchen table. I want to completely wipe it off, meaning I will have to put the jigsaw puzzle away and then start it over. But I’d actually like to work on the puzzle every now and then, haven’t in a long time because the kitchen table is usually a mess.

Yesterday at work was pretty busy and I felt badly for several of my clients in one day, that doesnt’ happen very often (I usually get to give them good news). We have one more week and a day of work and then we’re done. It will be nice to have a short break. Then I will have to look for work which I never do like.

Books: I am reading too many again!! I need to stop checking so many out. Here’s a list of what I’m reading

  1. Killing Spree by Kevin O’Brien
  2. Birthmarked by Caragh O’Brien  (okay I just now realized I am reading two authors named O’Brien LOL)
  3. Master of the Game by Sydney Sheldon
  4. Gideon’s Sword by Preston & Child
  5. The Tower at the End of the World
  6. The Line

And there’s more I haven’t started yet but hope too. Got a Lisa Gardner thriller and a Carlene Thompson thriller lined up. Right now my two new favorite thriller authors are Kevin O’Brien and Carlene Thompson.

I’ve also been reading Dystopia books for young adults, I recently discovered they are very popular these days and have been trying several titles. I read Deliverance recently, and the Knife of Never Letting Go. Birthmarked is one of them, and so is The Line. I love dystopia books and I keep hoping I’ll find one I love as much as This Perfect Day and The Giver.

 Goals for today: I want to read more. Get all the cleaning done that I intended. Watch at least one episode of Six Feet Under. Make something nice for dinner, maybe tacos. Not waste time like I usually do. Okay more later.


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