Last night I let curiousity kill my cat and I watched a movie that I will NOT name but OMG that was like one of the most disturbing movies ever and after it was done I had to think about my choices on how to spend my time and I was seriously considering cutting down on entertainment with violence in it, which would mean a major life change with all the TV shows  I watch and thriller books I read. I’m not ready to do it yet, I wouldn’t be until the season of Supernatural was over, but I’m considering trying it for a short time.

Then I was reading a lot of reviews about the movie afterwards and a lot of people were saying it never should have been made. YUCK I need to change the subject now. Except I want to say the movie didn’t have a lot of gore, almost none. It just had an extremely disturbing concept.

Going to clean today. Was going to have to go to work, but boss said we didn’t need to show up. So plenty of time for cleaning, I also want to read some library books. Last night was considering giving up the violent ones, but decided not to do that for now, have started several and I might as well finish. Later I might force myself to change my reading tastes for a month or something.

I got Gideon’s sword from the library, not sure if I will like it though. I’ll try it again later.


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