I just ate some grilled tillapia (from frozen box) and it hit the spot. So good!

Went to the library and picked up my interlibrary loan book…don’t want to say what it is here but it’s about the company I work for (part of the year anyway)

I also re-checked out Deadmau5’s Random Album Title so I can listen to it in the car more. Of course I love ‘I Remember’ but I also like some tracks after it as well.

Going to an event at my university soon, and it’s a beautiful day to be out! Finally it looks like spring! But I’m remembering the forecast for the week looked like rain every day, hope it doesn’t change today, but can’t see a cloud in the sky right now 🙂

I finished ‘Say Goodbye‘ by Lisa Gardner. That one was just ‘okay’.  Now I’m reading Tick Tock by James Patterson. Wasn’t sure I would like it, but so far so good. I like the main character enough. LOL.

Read some of my Nintendo Power magazine that came in the mail. Well more like glanced at it. I now want to look up some of the music soundtracks it mentions for Mario games.

I applied for unemployment yesterday and next Monday I have to remember to check in on the internet…don’t know what it all involves yet.

I need to leave pretty soon to go to the event, supposed to be meeting up with a friend, wondering if I will actually see her there, that is wondering if I will find her in the crowd.

Yesterday Amy came over to watch a Spanish horror called The Orphanage, but it was no longer in the instant queue. So we watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo instead. It’s in Swedish. I saw they made movies for the next two books, so I will have to read the books first.

I have SOO many things to watch lately! My dad sent me tapes of Afterlife, a British show, and it’s pretty good! I watched 2 eps last night. I also added more foreign films to the instant queue, just for the heck of it, and I still haven’t watched Nurse Jackie on my Netflix disc. I should do that when I get back from the event.


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