Discipline, I need it.

If I’m going to actually find a job, I need to work on disciplining myself. Right now I’m doing the bare minimum of what I need to do for Unemployment, and if it turns out I can’t get it, the little discipline I have might go down the toilet.

I received a letter saying I wasn’t going to get anything for the week of 5/7/11 because I didn’t have enough hours, but I had sent in more information and the lady on the phone said I did. We’ll see.

Anyway, tonight I started cleaning because I’m tired of seeing a mess, when I have so much free time. And I need to get a paycheck again. Tomorrow I need to finish applying for jobs for the week, and try to finish up this cleaning.

I’m thinking of trying to force a schedule on myself. Not sure if I can do it, but I’m thinking about it. The worst part will be fighting with myself over looking for a job. I hate the system we have in the US with a passion. It’s probably the same everywhere, too. To the point where I might have to delude myself that I’m actually living in a utopian society where you just plug in your qualifications and the right job for you shows up. No job interviews or cover letters in paradise! LOL!

We finished watching a Spanish speaking movie called the Baby’s Room, it was pretty good. Kind of spooky and had a small twist to the plot.

Oh, and I broke down and bought my favorite instant coffee, which is $4 a can now. URGH. I’m unemployed and I need to really watch the spending. I have coffee grounds I can use and that coffee filter thingy dad gave me, I should be using that instead. I told myself I would but I caved in.

Had a job interview on Monday (really glad for that) but I don’t think I’m quite what they are looking for, but I keep  hoping when the phone rings it is them. Part of me is afraid I just won’t get a job and will be stuck staying with my seasonal job and being broke most of the time.

I’m spacing out. I need to get back to doing some constructive things. Later I might think more about having a new schedule.

At the library today I checked out a new Tracy Chevaier Book called Remarkable Creatures. She writes historical fiction. Also, checked out A Rose For the Crown, another historical fiction that I started  a long time ago and never finished. Also something called The Birth of Venus.


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